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Audiofly™ AF240 Headphone Review

It’s about time we took a deeper look into some easy listening. At the International CES 2015 back in January, Audioflytm dazzled us with their showcase of the new AF240 and AF250 over-ear headphones. These headphones are at the very least, easy on the eyes and a comfort to wear. The Audioflytm AF240 is the lower end of the two. Yet, as a stand-alone unit, it doesn’t seem like a headphone you would apply the word “lower”. So then, how do we feel about the headset after some post-show extended use? We eagerly got our hands on a pair of...

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Splatoon Inks its Way to Wii U!

Last year, when you heard third-person shooter, you wouldn’t think Nintendo would spark up in your mind. Fortunately they have unveiled that they will be making a brand spanking new major IP coming out this May available only on Wii U. Splatoon: tactical squid based combat where you have to ink your way to victory by traversing the world as a human/squid hybrid, The Inkling. As a human you are able to use your weapons loadout to cover the whole place with ink or splat down your foes. As a squid you can swiftly travel through ink to cover more ground or cleverly...

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R.A.G.E. Reviews: The Gunman

Spoiler Free Plot Synopsis An adaptation of Jean-Patrick Manchette’s “The Prone Gunman.” Sean Penn stars as Jim Terrier, an international operative who is betrayed by the organization he worked for, and must go on the run in a relentless game of cat and mouse across Europe.-via Trailer Addict My Take: Sean Penn becomes the latest veteran actor to embrace the action movie genre and the results are interesting, to say the least. Penn’s portrayal of “hitman with a conscience” Jim Terrier is solid, but the real stars of the film are the bit players who Penn plays off of. The...

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Blue Steel is Back: Zoolander 2 Gets a Release Date

The prodigal son, Derek Zoolander, and his friends has returned to the runway. The duo emerged during Paris Fashion Week. The Valentino show was graced by Derek Zoolander and Hansel (Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson respectively) on the catwalk during their Womenswear line showcase at Espace Ephemere Tuileries. Together the male models announced to the world that Paramount Pictures will bring Zoolander 2 to theaters on February 12, 2016. What will Zoolander contribute to the supermodel universe in this encore? If there’s more to life than being incredibly good-looking, then let us know! Be sure to use the hashtag #Zoolander2 to share your thoughts on the sequel on social.  ...

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Royal Flush Takes On Crota

Hi folks! A few of us at RFMag will be raiding the moon (Crota’s End in Hard Mode) in Destiny tonight (3/10/2015) around 10PM-ish. Sorry about the nebulous time, it’s really hard to organize a group of adults considering the number of responsibilities we all have in real life. Our good friend ROCW3LL will be streaming the raid via Twitch. You can use the link at the top of our site to join in or use your Twich app on your phone, tablet or Chromecast it onto your big widescreen, 4k, curved display TV.

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The Rewind: Pax Prime 2014 Behemoth Interview

Pax East kicks off today and we highly suggest you all to go over and check out Behemoth’s Game 4. We got the chance to play their upcoming title during Pax Prime and we loved what we saw. Game 4 continues Behemoth’s tradition of bringing us unique gameplay experiences with quirky Behemoth flair. We’ve seen them bring us side-scrolling adventures and battle arenas, Game 4 gives us a new take on the RPG genre.

Let’s revisit our Pax Prime 2014 interview with Aaron Jungjohann of Behemoth.

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Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

Introduced to us at CES Unveiled back in 2014, the Swiftpoint GT caught our eye with its tiny form factor. At first, it seemed like an unwieldy attempt at being portable. However it surprised us with its unexpected ergonomics and more so with its touch gesture capabilities. Touch gestures from a mouse that comes with all of the accessories you’d need for it on the road? We just had to get a closer look at this little guy.  Our International CES 2015 coverage seems to never end. This time, it’s coming in the form of a gadget review! Basic Swiftpoint...

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Rock Band 4 Officially Announced for Xbox One and Playstation 4

Harmonix has been dropping hints for weeks and finally the cat is out of the bag: HARMONIX ANNOUNCES ROCK BAND 4 COMING TO PLAYSTATION®4 AND XBOX ONE™. As you tell, I am fracking excited! Harmonix is working with Mad Catz on new controllers for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Additionally, starting everyone can preorder the game at Let’s continue on to check out the press release with the full details!   Harmonix is excited to announce that it is teaming up with Mad Catz to bring Rock Band™ 4, the next generation of the award-winning social and interactive music gaming...

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Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime Review

MOBA gaming is growing, and so should the tech behind it. Logitech is by all means no slouch to this field. Enter the G302 Daedalus Prime: a very lightweight and reactive mouse like no other before. This sleek mouse feels comfortable in your hands and responds to your every movement, which is an essential attribute among the professional circuit of gaming. Popular teams are even welcoming it among its ranks, notably WildTurtle of TeamSoloMid fame.

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Pebble releases new SDK for Pebble Time

Just last week Pebble took the internet by storm. Raising millions of dollars in funding for upcoming release their latest watch – Pebble Time – in mere hours. Starting last week, Developers can now test drive Pebble Time with the Developer Preview of the SDK for Pebble Time. “With the SDK, developers can start designing and building new color apps for Pebble Time, or upgrade their current Pebble apps to support Pebble Time. The SDK now includes an entire emulator (in the cloud or on your local machine) so you can try out your apps before you get your Pebble Time....