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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The holidays are upon us! We all know it’s an extremely stressful trying to figure out that perfect gift, so a few flushers put together their must haves for this holiday season.

Logo and Wrist Rest 0

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Review

Here we go again folks! Another mechanical keyboard review and it’s another Logitech. I gave the G710+ fairly high praise due to its G-keys, Cherry MX Brown switches and built-in on-the-fly macro programming. Well, it’s been a while and Logitech has been busy. Busy releasing the G910 Orion Spark and...

Pax Prime 2015: Runbow First Impressions 0

Runbow @ PAX Prime 2015

  A definitely memorable time during Pax Prime 2015 was surely the time Double-Jump, myself, and a couple of others were at the Nindies booth trying out a few of sessions of 13AM Games‘ masterpiece, Runbow on the Nintendo Wii U. Runbow is a colorful platformer where you constantly have to adapt to the...