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Netflix Bright Movie Still

Netflix “Bright” Review

Booredatwork’s “Thunder E” shares his thoughts on Netflix‘s upcoming movie, Bright. The film stars Will Smith (Ward) and Joel Edgerton (Jakoby) as LAPD officers in a sci-fi version of Los Angeles filled with orcs, elves, and minotaurs. Ward and Jakoby are cops with completely different backgrounds. Jakoby is an orc who...

The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards 2017 Recap in Trailers – #TheGameAwards

The Game Awards aired earlier tonight and I thought I would recap the highlights from this year’s award show. The show has become a great place to watch a bunch of world premiere trailers, and exclusive gaming announcements as well as watching the awarding of various gaming industry awards. Every...

Amazon Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost - Requires Alexa-Enabled Device

Introducing the Special Limited-Edition Destiny 2 Ghost and Skill Compatible with Alexa Devices

Alexa abilities are ever evolving. It has become a daily companion to its owners, allowing them the ability to accomplish tasks by uttering a simple phrase. However, we have yet to see any gaming related applications – until today. Activision and Bungie announced that they have created “the first-ever Alexa...

Justice League Poster - 4DX Review

Justice League in 4DX Review

Justice League is presently in theaters and I couldn’t pass up the chance to check out the movie in 4DX, the world’s first and leading 4D technology-based movie experience. These theaters have special seats which move in around and vibrate along with wind and water effects. Additionally, the theater can emulate fog, rain, and snow in the air and storm lighting and sound...

Royal Flush Magazine Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The holidays are upon us!

We know it’s hell to go shopping for the perfect present for your family, friends, and secret Santas; especially if you’re unsure about what to get.

The staff at Royal Flush Magazine would love to make your holiday shopping a whole lot easier by sharing our picks for the holidays!

Sennheiser GSP 301 Gaming Headset Review

There was a time where Sennheiser headsets were used for gaming in tandem with separate desktop mics. These were not traditional gaming headsets, but fans of Sennheiser simply enjoyed the quality of their headsets to the point they would use their audiophile-grade products for gaming purposes. Sennheiser got the hint,...

Skid Row Still ‘Paramount’ To Rock Scene

While most people might think of either Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen when the subject of New Jersey rockers comes up, it’s difficult to ignore another powerhouse from the Garden State – Skid Row. Formed in 1986 by bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarist Dave “The Snake” Sabo, the pair recruited...