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SOHO Holiday Collective - Rock Paper Photo

Introducing the SOHO Holiday Collective Boutique

SOHO is one of the most recognizable areas in New York City. It is the birthplace of punk. It’s where Royal Flush was birthed. So, it’s understandable how this will be the home of the latest Pop-up Boutique: the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique. Adorned with images of legendary icons like Jimi Hendrix, Betty Page, and The Beatles; the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique may be small but each and every crevice is filled with hidden gems. Brimming with luxurious apparel and jewelry, the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique might be the destination for you if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind gifts.

Lost Themes

John Carpenter to Release Debut Solo Album

Legendary horror director and composer, John Carpenter (Halloween, They Live), will release his first solo album, Lost Themes, on Brooklyn label Sacred Bones Records, February 3, 2015. The album, a collaboration with Cody Carpenter of the band Ludrium and Daniel Davies, who score I, Frankenstein, falls into Carpenter’s style of repetitive synth splices that reach some terrifically terrifying crescendos. The first track, “Vortex,” has been released along with a video set to clips from different...

Marvel THOR Cover

Marvel Announces THOR but Not the Thor You Might be Thinking Of

Yesterday, we told you that Marvel was going to make a “thundering” announcement during ABC’s “The View”. Red flags went off in my head and honestly, this is exactly what I was thinking when I was reading through the original press release yesterday. Marvel is introducing an all-new THOR, GOD OF THUNDER but will feature a female hero. THOR is written by Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder, Original Sin) and contains art from Russell Dauterman (Cyclops). Feel...

Marvel Logo


  Of course, we’re a little more than a week away from San Diego Comic Con and we’ve already received a press release teasing about a big reveal taking place during ABC’s “The View” tomorrow. What do you guys think it will be? Could the title give anything away? Be sure to join the conversation during the live broadcast using #theview to see if your tweet is selected to be displayed during the show. Then follow Marvel...

CE Week 2014: Boombotix

CE Week 2014: Introducing Boombotix’s REX

There are quite a few things that can usually get me to stop and check out a booth during CE Week or maybe any convention in general. The folks at Boombotix met all my usual criteria. They were playing loud music from what appeared to look like a vinyl toy octopus. How could I not take a look? Plus, seriously look at how awesome this speaker looks!

GET GORY! Free Zombie Mask For All You Halloween Slackers.

Hey Stupid! You did it again, didn’t you? You waited til the last minute and now you don’t have a costume to wear to that cute girl from the Korean BBQ Burrito truck’s Halloween party. Well, Royal Flush has saved your ass again. Simply download this gruesome zombie mask, print and cut out and slap it on your grill. KA-POW! You’re welcome Click to Download Full Size Image

Hyper-Realism Through Lego’s – “In Pieces” Art Exhibition

In case you didn’t know: Lego’s are the shit. The only thing that could enhance the awesome nature of Lego’s is to make them the centerpiece of everyday moments and directly correlate them with modern photography. The art exhibit “In Pieces” takes Lego® sculptures created by Nathan Sawaya and fuses them into hyper-realistic digital photographs taken by Dean West. The end results are breathtakingly stunning photographs that will have you wondering whether or not everything in...

Expect the Unexpected: Hendrick’s Gin Event in NYC

Expect the Unexpected: Hendrick’s Gin Event in NYC

    Alice, eat your heart out. Hendrick’s five-city “Voyages Into the Unusual” tour made its last oddball stop in the Big Apple last week. The traveling event transformed 5 Beekman Street into a Wonderland of peculiar acts inspired by the 1930’s. From a greenhouse filled with the gin’s 11 trademark ingredients to a haunted cocktail shack, the extravaganza sprawled across three rooms in the abandoned hotel. Exclusive concoctions made from local ingredients like apples and ginger liqueur were served up to crowds of...

NYCC 2012: Animation Made Easy (Anime Studio Review)

Wandering through the floor of every New York Comic Con, I’m always in awe of the talented artists and illustrators. Since I have a weird menagerie of skills and interests, I’ve always wondered how differently my life could have been if I took a more creative path. Sketching for hours instead of coding JavaScript for hours always seems like it would be a welcomed change of pace. Each and every year, there are tons of...

Forget Bowties. I Wear a Scarf; Scarves are Cool.

Ladies of the internet, do you happen to be a Whovian or a Sherlockian? Are you a gentleman trying to find the perfect gift for your companion? Well there is no need to keep searching the galaxy for all your troubles are solved with these handmade beaded scarves from BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock.

New York Comic Con 2012 – In Photos

  In case you didn’t know, it’s New York Comic Con time! A weekend filled with comics, art, anime, and games. We’ll be there trying to soak it all in and share everything we find interesting. If you’re not able to make it to the Javitz Center this weekend, I’ll be updating this page and our Facebook page with tons and tons of photos. Lets get this started!

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Lost Footage – Tokidoki Booth Tour

The lost footage just keeps on coming! Today, I dug deep into my archives and found some content that I might have overlooked direct from San Diego Comic Con 2012 (also known as SDCC) but shouldn’t be overlooked during New York Comic Con 2012 this week. It’s something I look forward to each and every year. If you had to ask me what my all time favorite brand is, you’d know it’s Tokidoki. Their anime inspired...