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San Diego Comic Con 2012: In Photos

Everyone keeps asking how was San Diego Comic Con and I have one word to describe the entire experience: A-MAZ-ING! While not being the first con I’ve ever gone to, it was my first in the mothership. The Con that started it all. It was my first COMIC CON. I tried my best to soak up every minute and in the coming days and weeks, Double-Jump and I will be sharing everything we experienced. But...

The Manara Library Volume 2

Out Today: Milo Manara Library vol. 2

One of the masters of European comic erotica (that means he draws sexy naked girls), Milo Manara is getting his due from Dark Horse Books. In the fall, The Manara Library Volume 1 came out; today Volume 2 goes on sale. In case you’re not familiar with Manara, here are some interior panels from El Gaucho, featured in Volume 2:

Marc Maron Coop Poster

WTFPod on Hot Rod

If you’re one of the comedy/human-suffering junkies who loves Marc Maron’s WTF podcast (see, you’ve heard him flogging his special Coop poster for weeks now. But there is a problem with describing art on radio: You can’t see it. Here is the “Marc Maron Coop poster,” and it is magnificent indeed: This image was lifted from Coop’s blog, which has instructions on how to buy a signed poster via Paypal. Alternatively (or if Coop...

Indie Interrogation: Meet mr. e!

Finally, it is here!  The interview everybody has been waiting months for! Literally, it has taken me months to get this up and running.  My fault completely, but none-the-less, it is here!  Feast your eyes on the wonderful world of mr. e!

New York Comic Con 2011 – Oh, the Cosplay!

New York Comic Con came and went but the pics remain! A HUGE thank you to all of the cosplayers that were kind enough to stop and let me snap a pic! You guys are my favorite part of Comic Con and every year I’m blown away by the detail and creativity. And without further ado, lets check out what this year’s Comic Con had to offer by visiting our Facebook page for all the Comic Con goodness!

Sleep is Wrong – The Art of Angryblue

Long time Friend of the Flush and killer artist of the macabre and bizarre, Angryblue will be exhibiting his stellar art work in the great city of Denver, Colorado. Known for his toothless skulls, dead birds and massive bugs, Angryblue’s artwork is sure to strike a nerve with fans of gigposters, heavy metal, anatomy art and the twisted side of childhood fairy tales.

Kia’s New Ad Campaign?

Kia’s New Ad Campaign?

The power to surprise?  Well Kia surely was surprised when their new ad campaign (that they were “unaware” of) started making waves.

Techno Junkie – RFmag Comic Exclusive

Resident pencil monkey and Harvey Pekar collaborator Sean Pryor brings us a dark tale from the lonesome depth of seclusion and technology addiction in his deviously cynical tale, Techno Junkie.

Bring on the Palin!!!

To commemorate Sarah Palin’s Northeast American Tour, we the dirt bags at Royal Flush have decided to show our support by posting one of our lil’ Flush Faves…

Rob Zombie Special Edition Hologram Cover!

Royal Flush and Barnes & Noble are proud to bring you this killer Special Edition ROB ZOMBIE hologram cover. You know the kind… you hold it in front of your face and rock it back and forth and it moves. It’s like the pictures hanging on the walls at Hogwarts, shit… It’s better cuz it’s Rob “Friggen” Zombie and not some crusty old wizard. Limited to 1000 copies and only available at Barnes & Noble...

Dirty Donny, Now in Book Form!!!

Dirty Donny, Now in Book Form!!!

Massively talented, hot rod and monster art master, Dirty Donny just dropped his latest art bomb, Monster Revolt! The Art of Dirty Donny. Chock full of his signature tattoo/tiki/hot rod style, this massive coffee table size tome features the last decade of Dirty Donny’s killer art, album covers, skate boards, stickers, toys and a ton of other bizarre and random insanity. Fans of the lowbrow art movement will be hard pressed to find a finer...

Stan Lee and Pow Entertainment Partners Up with 1821 Comics

One of the first things revealed on the Comic Con Show floor  (like 45 mins after the show was open to the public) was the newest Stan Lee project, “Romeo and Juliet: The War,” a futuristic retelling of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet tale with super-humans and cyborgs. This is the first title out of a three book agreement 1821 Comics and POW! Entertainment announced today during a special event at the conference. The revealed art by Skan Srisuwan featured a...