Pax Prime 2013 Rewind: Kingston HyperX Stays Primed at Pax-

Kingston continues to be a main player in the stage of PC and storage components while keeping style as an integral component with their HyperX branding. They root themselves even deeper into the gaming arena with their sponsorships of headline professional gaming teams Cloud 9 HyperX and Team Solomid. The two teams did Kingston proud […]

Dungeon Defenders II Sets Their Towers Up at NYCC

Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders is a widely-accepted and unique approach to tower defense games. So much so, that it was released on PC, Mac, XBLA, PSN, Google Play and the App Store. You choose from 4 unique characters and join up with other players to defend a town – deploying traps and towers to battle […]

Say Hi to Hello Hero

At Pax Prime, we were introduced to a new mobile game targeted towards classic, turn-based online RPG enthusiasts. Originally released in South Korea, Hello Hero hit the mobile market hard in its initial launch with over 1 million downloads reaching First Place in the Apple App Store and Third in the Google Play Store. Who […]

Full of Energi – TYLT Energi Charging Backpack Review

On our trip to Pax Prime, we had the chance to take this urban warrior’s utility pack through its paces. The TYLT Energi backpack is not just a bag that has specific compartments for any device or accessory you could imagine. It gets it’s name of Energi for its ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously […]

Cooler Master Unveils HAF Stacker at Pax Prime

Cooler Master (aka CM Storm) has been hinting that they have a big announcement to make during Pax Prime this year, but has slyly given n0 clues as to what it may be. On August 30, 2013 they unveiled the HAF Stacker series of gaming tower casings. The HAF Stacker is the first stackable mod-tower, […]

NVIDIA Shield and ScreenBeam at Pax Prime

At Pax Prime 2013, NVIDA showcased their frontline Android-based portable gaming system, the SHIELD. The device was announced around the beginning of this year, and was showcased at both CES and Pax East. Aside from being a robust stand-alone device, we have also seen the headline feature of streaming PC games to the handheld. As […]

An Adventure with Westone – ADV Earphones Review

Westone has spent over 50 years in the audio business. Twenty of those years have been focused on creating custom in-ear monitors for sound engineers and elite musicians. But what do they have available directly for everyday consumers today? On June 4, 2013 they released the Adventure Series (ADV) Alpha earphones for the active music […]

SDCC 2013: A Peek at TMNT Out of the Shadows

At San Diego Comic Con, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were out of the sewer and onto the Xbox Public Demo room for all to play. The 4 player beat em’ up had fans of the old arcade series and newcomers alike lining up to play. The game sported the campy art style of today’s […]

SDCC 2013 – Xbox on the Floor

During San Diego Comic Con, we got a taste of what Xbox had to offer for the upcoming seasons in the Xbox Comic-Con Media Showcase. Titles for both the Xbox One and the 360 were on the floor to either view or play. Some titles are still in Alpha, but the majority (if not all) […]

Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab 3 Launch

Announced June 24th, Samsung is coming out with the Jelly Bean-using Galaxy Tab 3 Series of tablets. The tablets will come out in 7, 8 and 10 inch variants, with each version differing somewhat in specs. Each tablet will be available in white and new “gold brown” and will come with the traditional Samsung suite […]

Mad Catz M.O.J.O Gaming Console and Others

Mad Catz was showcasing their latest in gaming peripherals today at CE Week in NY. S.T.R.I.K.E 3 and 7 Keyboards were present, chocked full of features you’d expect of a gaming keyboard and other features that would grab any gamer’s attention. Also showcased was their new Arcade Stick to launch for the XBox One. But their […]

Hisense Unveils the Sero 7 Tablets

On May 23rd in New York City, Hisense introduced their contribution to the crowded Android tablet market and explained why the Sero 7 series of tablets deserve our attention. They pulled no punches by teaming up with NVIDIA and Walmart to ensure their attack is a little more than a just a jab at their competition. […]