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TYLT VU Charger Review

4W Product Review: TYLT VU Solo Wireless Charger

What is it? The TYLT VU Solo is a wireless charging station that uses the Qi charging standard. What does it do? The VU Solo charges your smartphone wirelessly, thus eliminating the need for additional wires or charges. The charging is handled in conjunction with a wireless charging cover for your mobile...

The Gunman Movie Review

R.A.G.E. Reviews: The Gunman

Spoiler Free Plot Synopsis An adaptation of Jean-Patrick Manchette’s “The Prone Gunman.” Sean Penn stars as Jim Terrier, an international operative who is betrayed by the organization he worked for, and must go on the run in a relentless game of cat and mouse across Europe.-via Trailer Addict [youtube id=”Ug9xufczPVE”]...

RW Review: Black Sea

A submarine captain fired by his salvage company gets a chance at glory and redemption when he is presented with an opportunity to salvage a German U-boat loaded with Nazi gold alongside a crew of misfits. What happens when the mission goes awry and tensions and language barriers turn a crew against each other while their lives are on the line? Will they pull it together and survive or will the crew fall victim to the Black Sea?

Moto 360 Review

R.A.G.E Review: Moto 360

When Samsung jumped into the smartwatch arena with the lineup of Gear watches, we all knew it was a matter of time before competitors came out with “better” and more unique designs. Motorola jumped into the fray by embracing the Android Wear wearable OS and most importantly departing from the commonly seen square design to give us a smartwatch that was round and looked like a well-crafted timepiece. Did Motorola succeed in creating something you’d want on your wrist or just another toy? Read on and judge for yourself.

Energizer PS4 Charge System

R.A.G.E Review: Energizer PS4 Charge System

What is it?
The PDP Energizer 2X Charging Station for PS4 holds and charges two PlayStation 4 controllers.

What does it do?
The Energizer PS4 charge system eliminates the need to connect controllers to USB console ports. It utilizes a two color system to indicate charging status.

Samsung Gear Fit

R.A.G.E Review: Samsung Gear Fit

The battle for wrist real estate has been interesting and has seen its fair share of innovation and failure. Samsung jumped into the market with both feet by marrying a host of abilities into their first Galaxy Gear device. They crammed a camera and host of ancillary functions that, while...

Samsung Unpacked - Gear S

Samsung Unpacks The New Gear S

While the focus of the Unpacked event was on the Note 4, Note Edge and Gear VR, Samsung’s wearable offerings got a nice shot in the arm as well with the Gear S and Gear Circle. The smart watch revolution, while ushered in by the Pebble, truly hit its stride...

Samsung Brings VR to Mobile with the Gear VR

Samsung tossed a curveball our way this past Wednesday at their Unpacked event. While we expected the reveal of the Note 4 to the media, no one expected Samsung to throw their proverbial hat into the VR arena as well – much less with Oculus as a partner, but that...

Samsung Unpacks the Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy Note Edge

I have been a Samsung Note owner since the first Note hit the market, and every time Samsung announces a new version I look forward to seeing how they will take a device that is the backbone of my productivity and make it better. This past Wednesday, Samsung took an...