The String Arcade: Enrich your Gaming Experience

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Free Track Sample (“Grasswalk” – Plants vs Zombies) Music is a vital part of our lives. Regardless if you consider yourself a music lover or not, I can guarantee that nearly everyone has at least one or two songs that they hold near and dear to their heart. Music entertains us but it also enlightens us. A stroke of a bow or a few strums on a guitar can tell you more about an individual’s deepest thoughts and emotions than any words can. Even if you are not musically inclined, the songs you share with others reveal more about you than you may realize. The tone of the song alongside the lyrics that accompany it provide outlets for hidden feelings or help preserve a memory that replays the second the first note is heard. Just as many people find comfort in music, others find comfort in video games. The mythical worlds provide an escape from crushing reality just as...

[CES 2014] Charge Up Your Life with Nyko

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  Since 1996 Nyko has provided consumers with innovative and affordable peripherals. Gamers and tech junkies alike have been able to greatly enhance their technological lifestyles with great products to fit each of their individual needs. We have shared our love for Nyko’s Wii U accessories in the past, but what does the future hold for this revolutionary company? Today at the Consumer Electronics Show Nyko announced a new lineup of fantastic products for the next generation of gaming consoles and mobile devices. Let’s take a look and see what will be available soon! Mobile Accessories Power Base One of the first items that will appear in this year’s accessory market is the uniquely designed Power Base for mobile devices. The angular design is  specially made to give users easy access to their smartphones for continuous use or for viewing pleasure as the phone...

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Movies

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For the Sci-fi Buff Star Trek Into Darkness A Starfleet Section 31 is bombed in London by a renegade commander, John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch). The intentions behind his attack are unknown forcing a conference of Starfleet commanders to meet. During the meeting, he strikes once again and ends up killing Admiral Christopher Pike. Wanting revenge and redemption after a semi-failed mission, Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) accepts Admiral Marcus’ orders to chase after and kill Harrison. The Enterprise crew travel to Kronos to fulfill their orders but Spock (Zachary Quinto) convinces Kirk to capture Harrison instead to avoid a war with the Klingons. Upon restraining Harrison, the crew discover the truth behind his attacks and find themselves in something far deeper than they expected.The friendship between Kirk and Spock is legendary; Star Trek Into Darkness offers a...

Black Friday Tech Sales Headquarters – 2014

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You allowed Royal Flush Magazine to be your choice for Black Friday updates last year. Join us again for another riveting year by allowing us to be your one stop shop for all your holiday buying needs. We are prepared to point out the good deals at your favorite retailers to help make your shopping trips easier. Like last year, also allow our tech experts to offer some useful advice and tips to keep in mind while you are out this year. Disclaimer: These ads are rumored to be the official ads. Some retailers have released their official Black Friday sales ads; links have been provided for any suggested and official ads. Any ads attached to third party sites are claimed to be the real deals but are subjected to change, as well as anything from the retailer itself. Also be sure to check back with us for updates to the deals are more ads are released. Amazon (Full Ad) All Week November 24...

[Opinion Piece] A New Generation of Devotion

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Adult humor in children’s cartoons is not anything new. For decades, sexual innuendos have existed in the confines of animated shorts and films. Typically it is believe that hidden sexual content is meant to appeal and keep the interest of older audiences to help drive the studio’s revenue by appearing to have a sense of depth and maturity to its plot. It has been also said that such content is sprinkled in to entertain parents who are watching these programs with their children. Or perhaps the start of sexual innuendos spawns from the show’s creators just having fun with their canvas and taking a few risks to see what they could get away either. Regardless of where adult content originated from, it has been an ongoing controversy between artists, parents, and viewers alike on where the line is drawn and crossed. I stumbled upon a forum post (now deleted) where the...

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