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The Eternal Bond

The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding was announced for Square Enix’s growing MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, back at E3 2014. After a few months, the ceremony was released in the game; players were able to start getting hitched when “Dreams of Ice – Patch 2.45″ was released in December 2014. The marriage system has no restrictions outside of the fact that you can only bond with one person. Otherwise you can marry anyone regardless of his or her race, gender, or Grand Company alliance. It also is a completely free service to all players but of course, there are premium packages available for those who want a bit more.

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The String Arcade: Enrich your Gaming Experience

Free Track Sample (“Grasswalk” – Plants vs Zombies) Music is a vital part of our lives. Regardless if you consider yourself a music lover or not, I can guarantee that nearly everyone has at least one or two songs that they hold near and dear to their heart. Music entertains us but it also enlightens us. A stroke of a bow or a few strums on a guitar can tell you more about an individual’s deepest thoughts and emotions than any words can. Even if you are not musically inclined, the songs you share with others reveal more about you...

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[CES 2014] Charge Up Your Life with Nyko

  Since 1996 Nyko has provided consumers with innovative and affordable peripherals. Gamers and tech junkies alike have been able to greatly enhance their technological lifestyles with great products to fit each of their individual needs. We have shared our love for Nyko’s Wii U accessories in the past, but what does the future hold for this revolutionary company? Today at the Consumer Electronics Show Nyko announced a new lineup of fantastic products for the next generation of gaming consoles and mobile devices. Let’s take a look and see what will be available soon!

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Black Friday Tech Sales Headquarters – 2014

You allowed Royal Flush Magazine to be your choice for Black Friday updates last year. Join us again for another riveting year by allowing us to be your one stop shop for all your holiday buying needs. We are prepared to point out the good deals at your favorite retailers to help make your shopping trips easier. Like last year, also allow our tech experts to offer some useful advice and tips to keep in mind while you are out this year.

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[Opinion Piece] A New Generation of Devotion

Adult humor in children’s cartoons is not anything new. For decades, sexual innuendos have existed in the confines of animated shorts and films. Typically it is believe that hidden sexual content is meant to appeal and keep the interest of older audiences to help drive the studio’s revenue by appearing to have a sense of depth and maturity to its plot. It has been also said that such content is sprinkled in to entertain parents who are watching these programs with their children. Or perhaps the start of sexual innuendos spawns from the show’s creators just having fun with their...

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Get Spooked with Steam: Announcement, New Releases, and More!

  Steam gets into the spirit of Halloween with tons of horror games on sale from now until November 1st. Amongst the associated titles, there are plenty of new release that will prove to be a special treat this year. You can check the full list of spooky titles on the Steam Halloween Sale page or by logging into your Steam account. The first big treat of this season is the announcement of the long awaited sequel to Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Game of the Year: The Walking Dead. Early today Telltale announced The Walking Dead Season 2. You...

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[Review] Abducted: The Ultimate Mindf*ck

Whether you are an adrenaline junky or just want a pretty girl to grab onto your arm in fear, humanity is drawn to horror films. The twisted stories keep us guessing while the sick situations entertain our darker sides. We enjoy watching every day, normal individuals unexpectedly be forced into a terrifying predicament as they fight for their survival. However, horror movies as of recent have become a bit stale, at least in my opinion. Nowadays we have a lot of mockumentary-style films with over exaggerated paranormal phenomenon, overused zombie plots, and generic hack ‘n’ slash gore feasts. The films...

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Miscommunication: Gaming Headsets and the PS4

Earlier last week, news regarding the compatibility between gaming headsets and the PlayStation 4 surfaced. Multiple gaming headset companies  have come clean in saying that most of their current products would work with Sony’s new system, but not right at the system’s launch.  While the PlayStation 4 does come with Blu-tooth support, there are currently some issues that need to be worked out before certain products will be able to connect. At least, that is what we have been able to discover from reading between the lines with Sony’s indirect response to GameInformer regarding concerns about being able to use...

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Nintendo Direct Recap: A Glimpse into the Near Future

This morning Nintendo presented a fresh Nintendo Direct that gave some insight into what Wii U and 3DS owners could expect in the coming months. Satoru Iwata gave out a few tidbits of information regarding a few anticipated titles such as Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Rayman Legends, and Pokemon Rumble U. Not to mention a new title involving Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright has been confirmed for a U.S release and two current games (Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pikmin 3) debut on Miiverse with some cool features. If you slept through the Nintendo Direct, you are not...

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[Review] Sharknado: Everything You Never Knew You Wanted

When it comes to entertainment, people want one of two things. They either want an artistically masterpiece that leaves them in complete awe and inspires them or they want something that kills time that is better than watching the grass grow. Sharknado is going to give you a loving marriage between both desires but not quite to the degree that one might expect. This Syfy made-for-TV movie will never go down on record as one of the great films, but it is becoming social media phenomenon. It is a simple film that gives viewers exactly what they want. They want...

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SDCC 2013 – Up Nintendo’s Sleeves

According to video game hardware sales research, Nintendo has seen a steady increase in hardware sales over the past few weeks – including a 137% sales global sales increase with the Wii U. Certainly games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Shin Megami Tensei IV, the digital release of New Super Luigi U, and the impending launch of Pikmin 3 have helped push systems, but that does not mean that Nintendo is out of tricks for the rest of the year. Nintendo had an extensive line up of titles on display at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Their press released stated that...