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STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13"

CES 2014: STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13″

Let’s take a look back to CES 2014 where we first got introduced to STM. STM is an Australian based company that offers a wide variety of bags and protective cases that don’t scream out: “Hey, look! I’ve got a laptop in here!” Let’s face it, when it come to laptop bags we all would like one that is lightweight, filled with tons of pockets to stow away stuff and, more importantly, protects our mobile devices. At CES 2014, STM blew me away with their vast array of bags and cases that appeared to have everything I was looking for. So, let’s take a look at one of STM’s product offerings: the Grip for the MacBook Air 13″.


CES 2014 – TYLT TUNZ Review

Working from home is sometimes a blessing and a curse. You get to save yourself from the hassle of getting dressed and battling your way through public transportation. However, since you’re not physically in the office, you are bombarded with tons of conference call meeting invites and that often meant placing your phone on speaker and attempting to hear everyone on the conference call. Every since I  was introduced to TYLT’s TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker,...


CES 2014 – TYLT ENERGI 5K Battery Pack

Every time I see someone with a clunky phone cover that is actually an expanded battery pack, I cringe. I can never understand why people choose to ruin the aesthetic of their phones for the sake of prolonging their device’s battery life. If either you’re using an external battery park cover or know someone who is, it might be time to learn about a better option. A more convenient option that allows you the ability...

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

CES 2014: LENOVO YOGA 2 Pro Review

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is the latest release from Lenovo’s convertible laptop line which is most commonly referred to as the Yoga. This especially caught my eye since I was an early adopter of the original Yoga. While the original Yoga was supposed to be a lightweight convertible Windows laptop, for me it wasn’t quite was I was looking for. It was a little bulkier than I expected and I just wasn’t impressed overall. But then...

Sinister from Tivitas Interactive

Introducing Sinister: Immersive and Modular Multi-Platform Game Pad

During CES 2014, we stumbled upon Sinister: a truly innovative approach to potentially transition console gamers to PC gaming. We got the chance to speak with Chris Zhao-Holland from Tivitas Interactive who gave us a brief walk-through of a prototyped device. Sinister, in short, is an customizable device that lays on your desk and has buttons that map to console controller buttons. Most of the components are easily swappable which can be swapped at any time,...

CES 2014: Size Doesn’t Matter with the Xi3 Piston Gaming PC

When a gaming rig is mentioned, one usually thinks of a large hulking PC with a sometimes-elaborate water cooling system, major-league power supply and other intimidating internals. I mean, I would sure like to make another menacing tower that can only be moved via team-lift. However we are in an age where our electronics are getting smaller, lighter, thinner, and more compact. Those living in cramped or space-deprived conditions shouldn’t have to miss out on modular...

CES 2014 - Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tablets Go PRO at CES 2014

  Being a proud owner and heavy user of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for more than a year, I needed to see something more than the Galaxy Note 10.1, 2014 Edition, before I would even consider jumping ship. That thing goes everywhere with me as I use it for work, play at work, or to remote into servers at work when I forget to finish up due to too much playing at work. Finally...

CES 2014 - Steelseries

CES 2014: A SERIES of New Gaming Peripherals by Steelseries

Steelseries is always in the front lines of the PC gaming peripheral battlefront. We liked what we saw in their Rival gaming mouse as reviewed by Infinite_Ammo here. But what were their latest announcements at CES 2014? In Las Vegas, Steelseries introduced us to the SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller and the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse. The Stratus is designed for iDevices running iOS 7 and your HD TV via AppleTV® using AirPlay® Mirroring...

CES 2014 - CM Storm

CES 2014: Cooler Master – CM Storm Product Tour

  In Las Vegas, hanging out in suites are all the rage. It only gets better when you get a full CM Storm product tour chock full of goodies for experienced and new gaming-PC-building enthusiasts. Building your gaming rig goes beyond just buying the best processor and video card. Cooling, powering and casing play big roles – roles that can be as simple or as complex as you like. Afraid that this may be over...

Nyko Logo

[CES 2014] Charge Up Your Life with Nyko

  Since 1996 Nyko has provided consumers with innovative and affordable peripherals. Gamers and tech junkies alike have been able to greatly enhance their technological lifestyles with great products to fit each of their individual needs. We have shared our love for Nyko’s Wii U accessories in the past, but what does the future hold for this revolutionary company? Today at the Consumer Electronics Show Nyko announced a new lineup of fantastic products for the...