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The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

The Eternal Bond

The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding was announced for Square Enix’s growing MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, back at E3 2014. After a few months, the ceremony was released in the game; players were able to start getting hitched when “Dreams of Ice – Patch 2.45” was released in December 2014. The marriage system has no restrictions outside of the fact that you can only bond with one person. Otherwise you can marry anyone regardless of his or her race, gender, or Grand Company alliance. It also is a completely free service to all players but of course, there are premium packages available for those who want a bit more.

RW Review: Black Sea

A submarine captain fired by his salvage company gets a chance at glory and redemption when he is presented with an opportunity to salvage a German U-boat loaded with Nazi gold alongside a crew of misfits. What happens when the mission goes awry and tensions and language barriers turn a crew against each other while their lives are on the line? Will they pull it together and survive or will the crew fall victim to the Black Sea?

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods


FUNimation Entertainment announced last week that its animated feature film “Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Gods” will be hitting theaters this August 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th! So, for a limited time Dragon Ball Z fans will get the chance to check out the film in select theaters nationwide. If you’re interested in finding out if “Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Gods” will be playing in your area, simply check out There you can sign up...

Bad Words Review: Jason Bateman is in his Prime

Bad Words is Jason Bateman‘s latest film. Bateman is not only starring in it but he also directed the film; Bateman’s first big time directorial debut. Bad Words isn’t a conventional story by any means; however, it has everything a good story and good movie, should have: suspense, comedy, drama, and heart. After watching this film I can say with complete confidence that Jason Bateman is in his prime. The film is about a man named...

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Event, DOCTOR WHO: THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR IN 3D

On Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, everyone’s favorite Doctor celebrated his 50th Anniversary. For any Whovian, this Saturday’s uninterrupted airing of “The Day of the Doctor” was highly anticipated. What would the Doctor face? Or more importantly, would any Doctors return? The following are my thoughts. There may be slight spoilers, so if you haven’t seen “The Day of the Doctor” or the season finale of Doctor Who yet, please don’t read any further. I did warn...

[Review] Abducted: The Ultimate Mindf*ck

Whether you are an adrenaline junky or just want a pretty girl to grab onto your arm in fear, humanity is drawn to horror films. The twisted stories keep us guessing while the sick situations entertain our darker sides. We enjoy watching every day, normal individuals unexpectedly be forced into a terrifying predicament as they fight for their survival. However, horror movies as of recent have become a bit stale, at least in my opinion....

[Review] Sharknado: Everything You Never Knew You Wanted

When it comes to entertainment, people want one of two things. They either want an artistically masterpiece that leaves them in complete awe and inspires them or they want something that kills time that is better than watching the grass grow. Sharknado is going to give you a loving marriage between both desires but not quite to the degree that one might expect. This Syfy made-for-TV movie will never go down on record as one...

[Review] Star Trek Into Darkness

  When J.J. Abrams rebooted the Star Trek series in 2009, I had hope. I had a belief that we would have a whole new series of a beloved franchaise to expose a whole new generation to Star Trek. Unfortunately, Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t give me much hope for the next movie in the reboot franchise. I have read tons of other reviews and even watched another Star Trek movie long before sitting down to...

My Greats and Gripes of 2012

Looking back on the year, I pay homage to some of my cherished moments in games and film while tearing down in equal part the most standout disappointments I endured with the eloquence and tastefulness of a chainsaw.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Stephanie K’s Picks

Stephanie K. travels through cyberspace in her e-TARDIS, saving humanity from the clenches of evil like bad video game purchases and poor grammar. When not saving the digital universe she is writing for RFMag, being the Lead Editor of a 3-year running independent gaming site, and wants to be a paperback writer. » Stephanie K. shares her picks for this holiday season.

New York Comic Con 2012 – Venture Bros Roundtable

Royal Flush Magazine sits down with “The Venture Bros.” pioneers to discuss their Halloween special, after discussing a couple of other topics such as: suits, Gamergal’s hideous cell phone case, Liam Neeson, and the art of journalism. In the video, Jackson Publick (Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Director, and voice of Hank Venture) and Doc Hammer (Co-Creator, Writer, Editor, and voice of Doc Hammer).

“Silent Hill Revelation 3D” Movie Review

Whether you are into the “Silent Hill” games or not, we were constantly reassured that “Silent Hill Revelation 3D” was closely adapted to the “Silent Hill” games – more specifically “Silent Hill 3”. Yet with those high hopes, I sit here a little conflicted. I’m not really sure how I stand on the movie and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to convey why I’m not swayed either way towards this film. By swaying, I...