“Silent Hill Revelation 3D” Movie Review

Whether you are into the “Silent Hill” games or not, we were constantly reassured that “Silent Hill Revelation 3D” was closely adapted to the “Silent Hill” games – more specifically “Silent Hill 3”. Yet with those high hopes, I sit here a little conflicted. I’m not really sure how I stand on the movie and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to convey why I’m not swayed either way towards this film. By swaying, I mean whether I recommend this film or not. I’m going to write my way through this review and see where it lands by the end.

Aren’t those the best reviews anyway?

Do not scroll down to find a letter grade ‘cause you will be disappointed.

Does filming in 3D equate to gimmicky 3D effects?
Perhaps the best thing I can say is that it was refreshing to see a movie filmed entirely in 3D. It definitely helped to convey the unearthly atmosphere that is Silent Hill. It’s only intensified by the impressive monsters which during San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and New York Comic Con (NYCC), Director Michael J. Bassett highlighted that 99.9% of monsters were not computer generated (CG). The only one that was CG was unveiled during a sneak peek at SDCC and even so I still wasn’t able to believe that.  Sitting in the theater I was definitely in awe of the monsters and scenery.

Which leads right to the next section…

Movies based on video games are just loosely inspired on the games they are adapted from
While this is most commonly true, “Silent Hill Revelation 3D” is definitely more closely aligned with the games than the previous movie. From the static radio sounds to the deafening sirens alerting the encroaching darkness, you are definitely immersed within the familiarity of Silent Hill. But it’s not only that, there are tons of in-game “Silent Hill” references found throughout the film. It’s substantially apparent that Michael paid a close eye to detail and ensured that the film stayed in line with the “Silent Hill” realm.

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