Batman sure has been busy…

Earlier this month, Batman: Arkham Knight,  the final entry in Rocksteady’s Arkham series got slapped with a Mature rating. A few weeks later, it was announced that it would be released at a later date – which is now June 23, 2015. And now today, Sony has announced that not one, but two Batman: Arkham Knight themed bundles that will be released.

For the limited edition Batman: Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 bundle, it will cost you $449.99 and comes with a special Batman-branded PlayStation 4 and matching controller as well as with a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman PS4 Limited Edition Bundle

Batman Themed Limited Edition Bundle

For those that want a PS4 console without the custom design, they can pick up a normal PS4 with the game for $399.99.

Regular Edition Bundle

Just a console and the Batman: Arkham Knight game…

According to Sony’s blog, they are taking pre-orders for both right now. However, as highly anticipated as this game is we wish you tons of good luck trying to get your hands on either one! They are sure to go quickly!


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