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Nyko Pro Commander and Uboost Review

    The Wii U™ has been out for a little over six months. Since its initial release, Nintendo’s new system has sold nearly 3.5 million units worldwide. The Wii U’s gamepad touch screen has offered an unique way to experience new installments of beloved first party titles like Super Mario Bros. and changed the way to play a few recent AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed III and Darksiders 2. The HDMI support along with a huge internal upgrade makes the...

Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle

Phoenix Online has been through some rocky beginnings with their Cognition series. The first episode saw a story that limped along, affixed to sub-par game mechanics and the exhausted setting of police crime investigation. While the mixture of supernatural twists and inspired art helped to deliver a moody atmosphere, the pacing dragged and the characters fell flat. Episode two managed to take great leaps and bounds in addressing these issues, concluding with a revelation that offered a glimmer of hope for the property’s future. Their latest entry has made magnificent...

Bashing Thru Bad Bots – Game Review

Bad Bots is a retro-styled side-scroller with a “Contra”-esque shoot-em-up appeal. It is a fast-paced blast-fest through 170 rooms of killer robots and 7 bosses. You play as lone-survivor, Sam McRae, as you venture through this deadly spaceship while trying to understand what exactly you just survived. The game has game-controller support and an interesting comic-book art story-telling style. Bad Bots hits the Steam Store today for both PC and Mac. Let’s dive into this...

PS3 Cover

[Review] Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is just one of those games that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Ever since my very first hands-on look during San Diego Comic Con, I was hooked. After another hands-on look during New York Comic Con and an interview with producer Hector Sanchez during Pax East, we were convinced that we might have something good on our hands. While I never got to play Mortal Kombat vs DC,...

Tomb Raider: Worthy of Relevance Once Again

Back in October 2012, I had one of the first hands-on experiences with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s reboot of the legendary icon, Lara Croft. I knew back then I had my hands on something special, but once I began to play the finished product, I knew it was going to be legendary.

Cognition: Episode 2 Review

Cognition: Episode 2 Review

The Wise Monkey managed to do what I had previously thought impossible by piquing my interest enough that I’m actually looking forward to the next episode, albeit in a cautiously optimistic sort of way. Although the first installment was largely dead on arrival, it pulled out an impactful ending that provided the game with something resembling a pulse. Hot on the heels of the jarring tragedy at the conclusion of The Hangman, episode two thankfully wastes little...

Cognition: Episode 1 Review

Cognition is a multi-part episodic mystery series with an emphasis on the dark and supernatural, taking us into the world of Boston FBI homicide. Players assume the role of one Detective Erica Reed, a talented agent with a set of unrefined psychic abilities and a haunted past to inspire her passion for catching killers. The game kicks off by launching head-first into a flashback of Erica and her less than likable partner John arriving at...

My Greats and Gripes of 2012

Looking back on the year, I pay homage to some of my cherished moments in games and film while tearing down in equal part the most standout disappointments I endured with the eloquence and tastefulness of a chainsaw.

“Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two” – Epic Fail

“Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two” – Epic Fail

There are many sides to Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two…and thats where it fails. Its a co-op game. Its a musical. Its a platformer. Its for the Disney-enthusist. In the end its just too much.  Continue Reading …

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Stephanie K’s Picks

Stephanie K. travels through cyberspace in her e-TARDIS, saving humanity from the clenches of evil like bad video game purchases and poor grammar. When not saving the digital universe she is writing for RFMag, being the Lead Editor of a 3-year running independent gaming site, and wants to be a paperback writer. » Stephanie K. shares her picks for this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – HarleyQ’s Picks

HarleyQ is a Brooklyn-born, bonafide Gamer Girl. She enjoys games of all genres, (ok maybe with the exception of dancing games, and racing games) and can’t go anywhere without her iPod. Her favorite franchises include Devil May Cry, Soul Calibur, Kingdom Hearts, Batman Arkham Asylum, Cooking Mama, and Resident Evil to name a few. » HarleyQ shares her picks for this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Minimal Ghost’s Picks

Minimal Ghost, or Eric to his non-digital acquaintances is a New York native, aspiring developer and journalist interested in all aspects of the industry; when not toiling away on his latest prototype he can be found attempting to make his eyes bleed from prolonged gaming sessions or at the local bar arguing about the practical applications of a light-saber in daily life. » Minimal Ghost shares his picks for this holiday season.