Cooler Master (aka CM Storm) has been hinting that they have a big announcement to make during Pax Prime this year, but has slyly given n0 clues as to what it may be. On August 30, 2013 they unveiled the HAF Stacker series of gaming tower casings. The HAF Stacker is the first stackable mod-tower, intended to promote new levels of customization and expandability in today’s (or tomorrow’s!) gaming rigs. At Pax Prime, we let Rajiv Kothari of Cooler Master give us a live walk-through of Cooler Master’s latest innovation.

The HAF Stacker allows for builds of all shapes and sizes for users with PC building and modding experience of all shapes and sizes. The new series of cases spawns from their popular High Air Flow and Stacker case series and comes in three variants: M-ITX HAF 915R, M-ITX HAF 915F and the HAF 935 – full tower consisting of the HAF 915R and HAF 925 components. Each variant can be a stand-alone PC casing unit, or a component of a much larger unit consisting of any combination of the other stand-alone units. The unique stacking feature unites components in two easy and secure steps. But let’s let the professional dive deeper for us…

The M-ITX 915 (the mini tower) will retail at a respectable $69.99 and the 935 will go for $169.99.  Pricing that is not half bad for premium PC casing. Whether you’re a avid PC-modding enthusiast or a beginner curious about building your first rig, HAF Stacker just may be right down your alley! If you’re already sold, and enjoy watching count-downs for your next purchase, you can follow HAF Stacker’s release here.


And here are some extra pics we took at Cooler Master’s booth!

CMStorm-Display6 CMStorm-Display4 CMStorm-Display3 CMStorm-Display2 CMStorm-Display1

† HAF Stacker diagram taken from Cooler Master’s Press Release Page


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