Mobile Gaming Summit 2012 – Highlights

Left to Right: Demetri Detsaridis (Zynga NY), John Dobrowolski (Nanigans), Sam Glassenberg (Funtactix), Kenny Rosenblatt (Arkadium) and moderator Scott Jensen (Viacom)

This years’ MOGA summit felt more intimate and personal than past conferences I’ve attended, which is a good thing. Panel Q&A sessions had more in common with a round table discussion than the rigid format it usually follows. As more than half the attendees were comprised of indie developers both local and abroad, the talks between industry moguls and garage studios proved to be some of the most interesting discussions of the summit.

The standard faire of monetization, user acquisition, which platform to develop for and how to get a featured spot on it were all thoroughly covered as major ongoing questions needing to be revisited periodically. But somewhere in the building there must have been a door left ajar, because a refreshing draft of new thinking breezed through the auditorium panel after panel. Insights on the benefit of promoting your game early, even during its development through alternative approaches like blogging, podcasts and viral campaigns. The importance of utilizing the safety net of a limited regional launch was brought up several times, particularly using Canada to test the waters before deciding if your product is ready for a full-on North American release.

Author: MinimalGhost

Minimal Ghost, or Eric to his non-digital acquaintances is a New York native, aspiring developer and journalist interested in all aspects of the industry; when not toiling away on his latest prototype he can be found attempting to make his eyes bleed from prolonged gaming sessions or at the local bar arguing about the practical applications of a light-saber in daily life.

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