New York Comic Con 2012 – Hands On With Injustice Gods Among Us

PS3 Cover

Just who exactly is in the game?
Among characters available so far are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Harley Quinn, Flash, Catwoman, Cyborg and Solomon Grundy. Just recently, Green Lantern and Joker were announced as playable characters, but they were not available at the build for NYCC.


For my first fight I chose Catwoman; my second fight I chose my namesake, Harley Quinn, and in my final fight I chose Wonder Woman. My opponents chose Flash, Superman, and Green Arrow. So…who won the fights?  For the Catwoman vs. Flash fight, Catwoman displayed a range of distance attacks with her trusty whip and up close and personal hits with those razor sharp claws of hers.  As you fight, your character will build up enough charge in their power meter for a special attack, which is launched by pressing L2 & R2.   As we had both leveled enough to do so, I succeeded in unleashing an acrobatic/animalistic fury of hits on Flash, and was able to simply move back on the D-pad and block his special move. In the end, Catwoman won.

For my second fight…before you assume that Superman automatically will beat any one that he is up against, think again.  In the fight between Harley Quinn and Superman, I was mentally preparing myself to lose because he is practically impervious to everything. (Unless of course, if Harley had a kryptonite-laced exploding pie handy for a special move, I might have a shot!)   While Harley does produce an exploding pie as part of one of her special moves, no kryptonite was involved, and I did not lose to Superman.  How you ask?  In Injustice, the characters and their powers are not particularly following any sort of comic book cannon, which makes them all more balanced with their abilities and powers. So don’t expect an automatic beat-down if you are going up against, or playing as Superman.  He may have all these huge melee attacks, but they take a little longer to set up and make him a little slower than most. As a result, someone like Harley who has a lot of faster attacks, and swings a huge mallet, could get in there  and hit him multiple times, netting just as much damage as Superman’s one big hit.

What did you say about my suit, princess?!

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