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Kung Fu Live!

Don’t Be a Zero! Be a Hero! – Kung Fu Live! Preview

For a while now, if anyone talked about motion gaming, everyone would instantly think about Nintendo’s Wii. The Wii has dominated the motion gaming arena but a small group of developers are trying to change that.

I recently had the chance to talk with Teemu Mäki-patola of the Virtual Air Guitar Company and they are extremely excited about finally bringing motion gaming to the Playstation!

Sam And Max 301: The Penal Zone Review

A Cleverly written point and click adventure game with genuinely laugh out loud, clever puzzles and a funny puzzle. I have always had a weird love for point and click adventure game, the smart writing, interesting puzzles (even though 90% can be summarized as give this to him, or combine this with that ),and even the frustration that comes...

Beatles RockBand Site Webby Nom.

Beatles RockBand Site Webby Nom.

There’s only nine days left to vote for for Best Games-Related Site in the 14th Annual Webby Awards! introduces people to the unique interactive experience presented by The Beatles™: Rock Band™. Set in the game’s own distinctive style, it provides in-depth background information on the people, places and...