3OH!3, Inner Party System and The Chain Gang of 1974

Dance, Electronica, Rap.  Know where I’m going with this?  Me neither, but  Chain Gang of 1974, Inner Party System and 3OH!3 put on one hell of a show.  Sadly, the venue sucks but what can ya do? All the shenanigans took place on November 22nd at Steppin Out in Virginia Beach.

The Chain Gang of 1974 blew away all previous notions I had prior to their show. I’ve heard of a lot of music but The Chain Gang of 1974?  Not at all.

I saw two scrawny guys walk up on stage, one ducks behind his drum kit and the other hides behind a mic stand almost disappearing behind it.

Once they started playing, I was amazed.  Why the drummer had a stool is beyond me.  He was standing almost the entire time, beating away on his set. Singer, Kamtin Mohager was all over the stage, a great presence,  the likes of AC/DC.

You can check out The Chain Gang of 1974 at myspace.com/thechaingangof1974 but for maximum impact you need to see em on stage to see what I’m talking about.  While at the show be sure to pick up their CD “Mad Mixtape” for a mere $5 for 9 amazing dance tracks.

or Inner Party System is an unbelievable electronic band.

Strong vocals sets this band apart from many of their contemporaries.  Not only does this band have great stage presence, they bring their own million dollar lighting rig to bedazzle the spectators, epileptics… you’ve been warned.

If you have your iTunes machine open dial up their single “Don’t Stop” if you haven’t been fortunate enough to catch it on the radio.

Author: Lil Nubi

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