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RFMag Editor’s Holiday Picks

The misfits at Royal Flush Magazine banded together to comprise an interesting holiday list this year. Our staff covers everything from video games and music right down to cooking utensils. If you still need help finding something for anyone on your holiday shopping list, well then, keep reading ‘cause we might have you covered! .


One Of The Top Releases For 2011, dredg with Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy

Back with their fifth album,  “Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy” are the alt rockers dredg!  If you’re unfamiliar with these California natives, might I suggest you check out their second album, “Catch Without Arms” which was released back in 2005.  Why that album you ask?  I’ll tell ya.  That was the album that turned me onto the band.  I can’t even imagine to guess how many times I’ve listened to the entire CD.  Not just one...


Anomie: “social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values; also : personal unrest, alienation, and uncertainty that comes from a lack of purpose or ideals” I guess it was wrong for me to say he’s back, as he has never left. If you’re unfamiliar with Tim Skold, I guarantee you are familiar with his work. As a songwriter, producer and instrumentalist he has done work with KMFDM and Marilyn Manson just to name...

Indie Interrogation: Kids of 88

New Zealand has done it again.  Kids of 88 are golden.  Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy are Kids of 88, an electronic kickback to the New Wave era of music.  Its a nice change from the pussy induced rock I’ve been listening to lately.  Their name stemming from the fact that both members were born in 88, so it only made sense for their band to be named Kids of 88. “My House” was the...

I want Dave Grohl’s Life

I want Dave Grohl’s Life

Complete Rock N Roll carte blanche gives the Foo the ability to do what ever the hell he wants. Is that Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones I see? Uh yeah it is!

Metallica Vinyl Release

So I’m wandering through my local Virgin Mega Store the other day and noticed that the selection of vinyl records has gone from a virtual non-existence to quite a large selection of the store.  I began thumbing through the little gems and became very excited as I ran through the “M” section and found………….drumroll………….the first (4) Metallica records all half speed-masters (Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All)!!!  The records...

Ikonic KISS – Gotta Love It!!!

Just wanted to drop everyone a quick line to let you know the new KISS “Ikons” CD set is a must-have for ALL KISS fans! The 4 CD set embodies everything that we all love about KISS and none of the “lost” KISS years.  Each disc is devoted and an individual KISS members’ songs and the selection is great! This CD offers us the chance to re-live the whole KISS experience all over again, and...

Uh Oh No Ho-Hos….In School!

Here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake. But here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake. But here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake. But here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake.

Sorry kids, no junk food in school anymore.

Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front

Warriors Nuclear Blast You know what you’re in for so prepare for battle when putting the latest 14-track disc from NYHC stalwarts Agnostic Front in the player, as just as you’d expect, WARRIORS is jam packed with the trademark tough guy bravado that reigned over the CBGB matinee set this band was such a huge part of. Only this time, the band finds itself returning to the crossover-thrash sound of its heyday, thanks in part...