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NYCC 2012: Animation Made Easy (Anime Studio Review)

Wandering through the floor of every New York Comic Con, I’m always in awe of the talented artists and illustrators. Since I have a weird menagerie of skills and interests, I’ve always wondered how differently my life could have been if I took a more creative path. Sketching for hours instead of coding JavaScript for hours always seems like it would be a welcomed change of pace. Each and every year, there are tons of...

New York Comic Con 2012 – Venture Bros Roundtable

Royal Flush Magazine sits down with “The Venture Bros.” pioneers to discuss their Halloween special, after discussing a couple of other topics such as: suits, Gamergal’s hideous cell phone case, Liam Neeson, and the art of journalism. In the video, Jackson Publick (Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Director, and voice of Hank Venture) and Doc Hammer (Co-Creator, Writer, Editor, and voice of Doc Hammer).

“Silent Hill Revelation 3D” Movie Review

Whether you are into the “Silent Hill” games or not, we were constantly reassured that “Silent Hill Revelation 3D” was closely adapted to the “Silent Hill” games – more specifically “Silent Hill 3”. Yet with those high hopes, I sit here a little conflicted. I’m not really sure how I stand on the movie and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to convey why I’m not swayed either way towards this film. By swaying, I...

New York Comic Con 2012 – Silent Hill Revelation 3D Roundtable Interviews

Next week the latest installment in the Silent Hill movie franchise will hit theaters and, while I can’t tell you anything about the movie, I can share three exclusive interviews we had with the cast during New York Comic Con. Below we catch up with Adelaide Clemens (Heather Mason), Kit Harington (Vincent), and director Michael J. Bassett. We discuss everything from the recreating the creepy atmosphere and monsters of Silent Hill, their roles in the movie and...

PS3 Cover

New York Comic Con 2012 – Hands On With Injustice Gods Among Us

Just who exactly is in the game? Among characters available so far are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Harley Quinn, Flash, Catwoman, Cyborg and Solomon Grundy. Just recently, Green Lantern and Joker were announced as playable characters, but they were not available at the build for NYCC.   Fight! For my first fight I chose Catwoman; my second fight I chose my namesake, Harley Quinn, and in my final fight I chose Wonder...

New York Comic Con 2012 – In Photos

  In case you didn’t know, it’s New York Comic Con time! A weekend filled with comics, art, anime, and games. We’ll be there trying to soak it all in and share everything we find interesting. If you’re not able to make it to the Javitz Center this weekend, I’ll be updating this page and our Facebook page with tons and tons of photos. Lets get this started!