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Introducing My Latest Addiction: Rock Band 2

gamerGal here with the dish on all things gaming and in my very first post I thought it would be nice to profess to the world my undying affection for Harmonix’s Rock Band 2. This was a love affair that blossomed earlier this year with the original Rock Band. Singing hours on end, unlocking song after song; playing with a large band and even solo was tons of fun. It was the one game that...

Lights In The Sky Over Red Rocks–NIN

I must admit that I am probably one of the biggest NIN geeks alive.  I get SOOO jacked up before a NIN show I can hardly contain myself……and I know I pester the shit out of my wife, family and co-workers for the few weeks leading up to the concert!  This was my 15th show to date and it was, by far, the absolute BEST one yet! Anyway, the wife agreed to attend the Red...

Enter to WIN Lost Boys – The Tribe!!!

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Dendrophiliac (n.) “One who is aroused by trees”

Dendrophiliac (n.) “One who is aroused by trees”

If a hippie cries and nobody cares, does the hippie really cry?

“Vicious Intent” Royal Flush’s Rock & Roll Poster Exhibit!

One Night Only!
Saturday September 20th, from 7-11pm
Royal Flush Magazine has teamed up with poster magnate Comahead &the mighty Sal from Electric Frankenstein to present the biggest and best Rock & Roll Poster exhibit ever to hit NYC!