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[PAX East 2013] Delvers Drop Interview

The retro gaming revival is alive and well, bringing us a steady stream of nostalgic wonderment from our childhoods with all the unforgiving difficulty curves we know and love. One of its best representations I’ve seen is Delvers Drop. Imagine if Link was dosed with hallucinogenic mushrooms, plunged into a dark yet colorfully...

Quantum Conundrum Review

It’s hard to not be struck with Déjà vu at the start of Quantum Conundrum. In short, it’s a science themed first person action physics puzzler not unlike the Portal franchise. In fact, Quantum Conudrum’s lead designer Kim Swift, was the co creator of Portal and involved in the making...

Kim Swift Quantum Conundrum Interview

While at PAX East, I got some face time with the very charming and creative, Kim Swift of Air Tight Games where we talked about the upcoming title: Quantum Conundrum. Kim is famous for her work on Left 4 Dead as well as being the Co-creator of Portal.