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PAX South 2015: Homeworld Remastered Collection

There are few titles that stand out when I think back on truly memorable games.  One of those titles is Homeworld and its sequel.  First released way back in 1999, Homeworld featured true 3D navigation (X, Y and Z axis), detailed animations, unique ship types, an emotionally engaging epic story...

Pax South 2015: NAVGTR Awards Contest

Predict the Winners, Win $1000 from NAVGTR

In case you missed it, I was actually a part of the NAVGTR Nominations: Whip Caucus panel during Pax South. It was an interactive panel where I announced nominees alongside other National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers members and then joined the audience as they participated in a caucus vote....

Pax South 2015: IndieBox

Pax South 2015: Introducing the IndieBox

In a world where it seems like there is a subscription box for everything, during Pax South we were introduced to the IndieBox. IndieBox is a subscription service that delivers collector’s edition versions of indie games to your door every month. Each IndieBox contains a high-quality indie game, retro-style box...

Pax South 2015: Adventures of Pip

Pax South 2015 Indie Game Highlight: Adventures of Pip

As you can tell, Pax South was filled with Indie darlings. Today, let us introduce you to a game we actually loved during Pax Prime but totally dropped the ball on sharing: it’s Adventures of Pip. You play as Pip, an unlikely 1-pixel hero in a 32-bit world. Given the unique...

Pax South 2015: Raising Hell

Pax South 2015 Indie Game Spotlight: Raising Hell

Continuing our tour around the Pax South Expo Hall, we find ourselves playing the devil trying to get out of hell in a game called Raising Hell. Hell is freezing over and you need to get out. You play as Damian. Teleport, slice angels and demons, shoot bazookas, and generally raise...

Pax South 2015: Texas Twist Poker

Pax South 2015 Indie Game Spotlight: Texas Twist Poker

It was only natural that we found our way to the poker table during Pax South. Texas Twist™ Poker will change the way you typically think about playing poker. It’s not played with chips and cards on a traditional poker table. Instead, Texas Twist Poker is a mobile puzzle game where...

Pax South 2015

Pax South 2015: Royal Flush Magazine Instagram Rewind

Pax South invaded San Antonio, Texas this past weekend. Every Pax is a unique opportunity for gaming fans to interact directly with developers, Twitch streamers and even podcasters. Pax South brought on a strong roster of indie games that caught our attention. Today, we are trying something new and sharing our Instagram feed which featured lots of video game related cosplay as well as some things we have seen around the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center during Pax South 2015.