Shots Fired is an assassination simulator with glorious pixel art and cunning humor. Follow the intricate but humorous tale of a retired assassin returning to their killing career after the murder of their wife, kidnapping of their daughter, and theft of their beloved TV. Use your cell phone to engage in everything from assassinations to high speed getaways using apps modeled after real world favorites. Maintain your cover as a FuzzBeed photojournalist and take pictures for the “dankest” memes while investigating the seditious conspiracy behind recent events.

Explore Flat Earth, a world where everywhere is drivable and selfies are banned. Travel to exciting locations rendered in loving pixel art throughout Shots Fired’s enthralling story of betrayal, murder, and memes.

Shots Fired features challenging “hide and seek” gameplay as you use clues to uncover and then execute your targets. Enjoy a host of mini-games including car chases, scavenger hunts, hacking, and more. Be amused by carefully-crafted comedy and satire as Shots Fired lampoons pop culture and modern society through the eyes of a jaded “old-school” assassin.

Shots Fired is a unique fusion of classic adventure, modern indie, and visual novel that’s totally unlike anything I’ve played before. It’s the weird sense of humor and incredible artwork that drew us in and the gameplay that got us hooked on this weird and wonderful adventure.
– Adria Carrasco, CEO, Another Indie

Shots Fired will be available in English, Russian, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese for PC, Mac, [via Steam] and Switch.

For more information, please visit the official website or follow the game on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Press Release

Why We Love It?

Shots Fired just sucks you in. It’s hard to describe but from the moment you sit down and watch your wife get killed, your daughter get kidnapped and your TV get stolen, you’re sort of brought into a John Wick type of game. These pixels are out for revenge, one assassination at a time.

Dani "GamerGal", Pop Culture Editor

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