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Dark Knight Poster

In case you missed it – New Batman Movie Poster and Riddler Trailer Released

Today appeared to be a great day for Batman fans. Not only was the official movie poster for the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises” released, see the sexy image to the left, but a new trailer for “Batman: Arkham City” was also released, featuring the demented Riddler! The video and...

KontrolFreek Giving Away Sony’s Next Generation Portable (NGP)

Last week, the social networks and blogs were flooded with the announcement of Sony’s latest gadget, The Next Generation Portable. Honestly, looks can be deceiving. At first glance, the NGP looks extremely similar to the original PSP but it’s specs tell a slightly different story. Check out Sony’s full posting on...

Duke Nukem Gets an Official Release Date

I’m seriously excited for this game to finally hits the shelves. There’s been rumors circling it’s release for years but thanks to a press release sent out today, it looks like we’ve finally got a release date, folks! And if this game manages to finally be released, then that might...

Interview With Cliff Bleszinski

Back like a month ago I got to interview the legendary Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games, to talk about whats new and what they have been up to. Since my discussion they have announced some cool stuff about multiplayer, delayed the game, and closed the Save Carbine contest.  This article...

Harmonix Confirm the set list after “Leak” (wink)

Harmonix Confirm the set list after “Leak” (wink)

After some horrible horrible sites released an apparently leaked setlist for Rock Band 3, Harmonix released this video statement saying that they had “confirmed” nothing… Well today they officially OFFICIALLY, released the set list as followed: 2000s: Amy Winehouse, “Rehab” At the Drive-In, “One Armed Scissor” Avenged Sevenfold, “The Beast...

E3 Editor’s Choice: “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood”

The on-going struggle between the assassins and templars has reached new heights. Ezio Auditore da Firenze is back and a little shaken up from his last encounters. However, he is still much wiser and deadlier than ever. “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” continues exactly from where the “Assassin’s Creed II” left off.

Kung Fu Live!

Don’t Be a Zero! Be a Hero! – Kung Fu Live! Preview

For a while now, if anyone talked about motion gaming, everyone would instantly think about Nintendo’s Wii. The Wii has dominated the motion gaming arena but a small group of developers are trying to change that.

I recently had the chance to talk with Teemu Mäki-patola of the Virtual Air Guitar Company and they are extremely excited about finally bringing motion gaming to the Playstation!

Green Day Rock Band Tracks Released!

Green Day Rock Band Tracks Released!

I was on the fence about Green Day Rock Band but now that I got to see the list of songs that are going to be included with the game, I can’t help but get excited! All die-hard Green Day fans will be happy to see their favs up there...