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Samsung Unpacked 5 – Galaxy S5 Revealed

Monday, at the Samsung Studio in New York City, members of the press got to tinker around with the present-day Samsung gadgets such as the Note 3 and the Note 10.1 2014 Edition as they waited for the live stream of Samsung Unpacked 5, in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung devices were all over as people ordered drinks and pastries while using the various Note devices. Shortly after, the live stream was played on all screens in...

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Unpacked Event in NYC (Live Blog)

The entire livestream is now available to watch on SamsungMobile’s YouTube Channel. We have embedded it down below for your viewing pleasure: Below is our initial live blog from the event. Patiently awaiting for the start of the live stream but you can watch along with Double-Jump and myself right here: on SamsungMobile’s YouTube Channel   [liveblog]

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Samsung Galaxy Tablets Go PRO at CES 2014

  Being a proud owner and heavy user of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for more than a year, I needed to see something more than the Galaxy Note 10.1, 2014 Edition, before I would even consider jumping ship. That thing goes everywhere with me as I use it for work, play at work, or to remote into servers at work when I forget to finish up due to too much playing at work. Finally...

Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab 3 Launch

Announced June 24th, Samsung is coming out with the Jelly Bean-using Galaxy Tab 3 Series of tablets. The tablets will come out in 7, 8 and 10 inch variants, with each version differing somewhat in specs. Each tablet will be available in white and new “gold brown” and will come with the traditional Samsung suite of apps and services: Samsung Apps, Music Hub, Game Hub, Samsung Kies, Samsung Kies Air, Samsung ChatON. And Each of...

[Review] Tylt Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone Cases

When you think about it, your Samsung Galaxy 3 is a rather expensive investment. Couple that money you spent on the S3 with a quick search on YouTube and you can get extremely afraid of what a single drop could do to your phone. At this year’s CES, we saw a ton of cell phone cases. Some were worried about making your phone looking shiny. Others were about protecting your cell phone but were extremely...

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Samsung Unpacks the Galaxy S4

Last night, Samsung unveiled their much anticipated S4 to the masses and the response is pretty mixed. It’s pretty clear that Samsung is continuing it’s all out assault on Apple. For the past year, Samsung’s targeted marketing campaigns aimed towards taking jabs at the iPhone and it’s users. There was no mistaking that Apple is their target and tonight was no exception. This time Samsung even brought a few other allies into the battle arena. But...

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CES 2013: Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags Review

In anticipation of tonight’s Samsung announcement, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my thoughts on the TecTile® Programmable NFC Tags which are now available. For those who might be unfamiliar with what NFC technology, NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and it’s technology that is akin to bar or QR code scanning. Both can be programmed to do pretty basic tasks like sharing contact or product information while they can also...

Live from New York, It’s Samsung #Unpacked (March 14, 2013)

Earlier today Samsung revealed that they will be holding an event in New York City. It’s certain that this will be the official unveiling of the S4 since the poster reads “Ready 4 the Show: Come and meet the next Galaxy” and Samsung has already introduced the Note 8 during MWC 2013 as well today. Let the countdown begin! Be sure to bookmark the live stream link to watch the whole thing along with us! Then...

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CES 2013: Samsung GALAXY Camera Review

Today, I continue the CES 2013 coverage with a review of the Samsung GALAXY Camera.  Hybrid cameras or even WiFi enabled cameras are the latest craze. Tablets and smartphones are becoming the primary photography device for most consumers, possibly thanks to apps like Instagram and Twitter. During CES, it was interesting to see Samsung come out with a high-end device that might be perfect for the most avid mobile photographer or videographer. If you’re curious to see...

Samsung CES 2013

CES 2013 – Samsung Press Conference and Demos

At CES 2013, we got to sit in on Samsung’s Press Conference and got demos of their latest and greatest handheld devices. Surely, the Galaxy III is pretty mainstream amongst a large chunk of Android enthusiasts, and the Note 10.1 and II have been out for some time now. Still, wouldn’t you rather hear Samsung themselves talk about it? And you can comb through the almost 50 minute conference with ease with these handy-dandy cliffsnotes!