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Guns N’ Roses Unveil Rarities in Deluxe ‘Appetite For Destruction’ Box Set

Guns N’ Roses are commemorating their 1987 debut with Appetite For Destruction: Locked N’ Loaded Edition, a box set full of unreleased demos, remastered B-sides, collectibles and more, available June 29. Covered in faux fur, the lavish 12x12x12-inch box set is crafted of solid wood and features a hand-sculpted, hand-painted 3D Appetite For Destruction cross on the front doors. Available for a limited run, only 10,000 box sets will be available worldwide for a hefty...

30 Days in the Hole!

Shocking as it may be, most rock & roll songs are really secretly about ANAL! Royal Flush’s probing look into rock’s dirty past!