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Funko Feeds the Masses with Pop Culture Cereals

Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula will always have a place in our sugar-induced, morning cereal hearts, but now Beetlejuice, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and other retro, horror and comic characters are joining the breakfast ranks. Creators of Funko Pop! vinyl figures, Funko is upping the cereal ante with a collection of 40 pop culture-themed cereals, FunkO’s, debuting this summer. In partnership Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC’s Super Heroes Batman and Batgirl, The Lord...

Bashing Thru Bad Bots – Game Review

Bad Bots is a retro-styled side-scroller with a “Contra”-esque shoot-em-up appeal. It is a fast-paced blast-fest through 170 rooms of killer robots and 7 bosses. You play as lone-survivor, Sam McRae, as you venture through this deadly spaceship while trying to understand what exactly you just survived. The game has game-controller support and an interesting comic-book art story-telling style. Bad Bots hits the Steam Store today for both PC and Mac. Let’s dive into this...

The Evolution of 8-Bit Art

The Evolution of 8-Bit Art

One thing that always blows my mind is when I hear a game developer or artist say something like “With improved technology we/I can be more creative.” To be frank, a statement like that is something that flies in the face of what I personally believe art can be, not that there’s anything wrong with high end graphics, but limitations inspire.