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Don’t Go Messin’ With A Country Boy: Hillbilly Jim Honored At Hall Of Fame

One of the more colorful characters in the post-expansion era of the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment), “Hillbilly” Jim Morris first moseyed his way onto the national grappling scene as an enthusiastic fan who routinely watched the action from the front row before eventually becoming a titan of the ring himself.  His pairing with the most famous professional wrestler of the 1980s (and arguably, of all time), Hulk Hogan catapulted Jim to a...

‘Fame’ Comes At A High ‘Price’ For The Million Dollar Man

If you were a fan of professional wrestling during its ‘glory years’ in the late 1980s, one name that would be instantly recognizable is ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase. Along with his loyal, mostly silent, bodyguard Virgil, DiBiase played the role of the heel, or the ‘bad guy,’ to perfection. He was the man that fans loved to hate. And that was a good thing; it meant he was doing his job properly, since...

“Road to WrestleMania” WWE Slam Crate powered by WWE Unboxing

With WrestleMania weekend taking place I thought it be a good idea to pop up this “Road to WrestleMania” WWE Slam Crate powered by WWE. Just from the title alone you know it will be chock full of that long to get to the biggest stage of all which is WrestleMania. First off is an exclusive T-Shirt by the former architect of “The Shield” and former WWE & US Champion Seth Rollins. Seth had one...

Celebs + Wrestlemania = H.H.C.C.W.

Celebs + Wrestlemania = H.H.C.C.W.

What do you get when you combine the two?
You guys get Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.