Performance, Features, and Final Thoughts

The Focal Spark Wireless’s sound performance was solid, producing a very balanced and clear sound. Lyrics and spoken words came across nicely. Percussion sounds were crisp. Bass was a tad lighter than I preferred but was still present and warm. As long as the bass is not muddy, and it isn’t at all with the Focal Spark Wireless, then you have yourself a successful bass presentation.

Controls were easy to grasp and use, with practically no learning curve. The voice feedback was a nice touch, letting you know verbally when your device connects successfully with the Focal Spark Wireless. I particularly liked how the spoken queues for the Focal Spark Wireless were only present for status updates like “connected” and “battery low”. I’ve covered other headsets where spoken word was taken a bit too far, saying “next track” and “previous track” over the actual song that’s about to play. Instead, the Focal Spark Wireless kept things nice and simple.

While I loved the 8-hour battery life for the Focal Spark Wireless, I wished that the “low battery” prompt came a bit sooner than it did. When the Focal Spark Wireless initially indicated that its battery was low, it only stayed playing for just about 10 mins before it completely expired. That didn’t leave for enough warning to charge the headset once you were already out and about.

Nevertheless, for a very approachable price point of $99, the Focal Spark Wireless gives you a full wireless earbuds solution that hits the mark in the sound department. You have a complete and straightforward set of controls and features that get you up and listening without having to study a manual. You get a compact carrying case for toting the Focal Spark Wireless and all of its accessories safely about. Last but not least, the unit is light and comfortable, allowing you to listen for hours on end with no considerable fatigue.

The Focal Spark Wireless is a neat little wired audio solution that brings good sound quality at a respectable price. If you’re looking for a solid and simple pair of Bluetooth earbuds, the Focal Spark Wireless should definitely be on your list of products to check out. You can check out the Focal Spark Wireless for yourself here.


† Focal Spark Wireless review unit provided by Focal PR. We were not compensated for this post.


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