Razer’s Newest Snake-Mouse

Razer’s newest entry into the gaming peripherals market is the Ouroboros. Like the Mamba before it, it is a wireless gaming mouse with an insanely high DPI capability and a fancy charging base that doubles as the receiver.

The mouse is designed to be ambidextrous, unlike the Mamba, and sports magnetic attachment points for custom grips that are included with the mouse. In the picture you can spot the two grips, a rechargeable battery, USB cable, and one of the two “finned” grips for the mouse.

The mouse itself is a testament to Razer’s distinct taste in gaming fashion. It looks sleek, feels sturdy enough in the hands and has green lighting found in many Razer products.

The Ouroboros also has two “clutch” buttons located on either side of the mouse that can be squeezed to activate. This enables the DPI to be dropped or raised on the fly while the button is squeezed. Comes in handy while sniping! It can also be locked in position when the feature is needless via a lock switch located on the undercarriage of the mouse.

Oh, and you see that circular thingy on toward the bottom of the picture? That is a thumb screw which enables you, the gamer, to adjust the rear hump of the mouse. You can raise it or lower it to fit your taste in mouse grips (claw or palm). In addition, the mouse’s rear section can be pulled out to elongate the mouse for larger hands. Customization is king here, folks. So far, the mouse has nothing but features that impress.

The Ouroboros is capable of reaching DPI of 8200. That’s a lot of dots per inch and it sounds almost too sensitive but after tweaking settings in Windows and in my favorite games, the high resolution did feel nice and the tracking was smooth – no jittering here!

Author: Infinite_Ammo

Infinite Ammo is a PC gamer through and through. However, he is no hater. Rather a platform agnostic fellow who enjoys thumb jockeying every now and again. In addition, enjoys competitive Dance Central 3 battle with his wife. When he is not supporting a bunch of computer illiterate (but nice) folks, he is busy modding PC cases, overclocking, and voiding warranties on rather expensive gadgets much to the chagrin of his loved ones. Enjoys walks on the beach, sandbox open world games, and pretty much every other genre with the exception of train simulators.

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