STM Bags Grace Collection: Deluxe Sleeve

Available to fit all current 13-15″ inch MacBooks as well as many other 13-15″ ultra book designs, the Deluxe Sleeve is perfect for those who travel light. Its slim design perfectly houses your laptop as well as a few of your daily essentials. It features a main compartment that is lined with protective and plush foam, keeping your laptop safe with a magnetized front flap that allows for easy access to your PC. Its front zippered pocket is perfect for pens, mobile phones, cards, laptop charger and any other necessities that you might need to carry along with you.

It’s the perfect little bag for whenever you’re heading out for quick meetings and don’t need to bring everything with you. Available in four colorful styles for only $59.95, I’m pretty sure you might find one to match your style.

STM Bags Grace Collection Deluxe Laptop Sleeve Photo Credit: STM Bags

STM Bags Grace Collection Deluxe Laptop Sleeve
Photo Credit: STM Bags

STM Bags Grace Collection: Clutch

If you’re not in the market for a sleeve, then the Clutch from the Grace Collection might be for you. With two compartments, you’ll be able to fit cables, portable battery packs, drives, pens, or even your phone on one side while leaving room to use the other compartment to stash your other personal necessities. Being able to separate out your personal items from your tech makes the Grace Clutch the perfect accessory to tuck away in your bag, or better yet, the perfect clutch to use for a night out.

The Clutch is available for only $19.99 in four coordinating styles.

STM Bags Grace Collection Clutch Photo Credit: STM Bags

STM Bags Grace Collection Clutch
Photo Credit: STM Bags

More About Grace Womens Laptop Bags

STM’s co-founder, Adina Jacobs, has been designing laptop bags for years and has tended to carry the slimmest and simplest products in the line for her personal use. The Grace Collection of women’s laptop bags and sleeves are a reflection of Adina’s design ethos of simple, elegant, and fun, now focused directly on a female customer. With beautiful textured fabrics, colors and prints, you will appreciate the minimalist design and the attention to detail. More than a name. The collection name of “Grace” pays tribute to U.S. Navy Admiral “Amazing” Grace Hopper who helped to develop the first programming language that revolutionized the computer world. She was an innovator and a mentor. We were inspired.

The entire collection is available now! Visit the official STM Bag website to learn more!


†STM Bags provided the Deluxe Sleeve and Clutch for review

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