Performance, Features and Final Thoughts

The Moto Z² Force is quite up to date in the specs and processing department. Thanks to that, you have yourself a device that tackles rigorous or multiple processing tasks with ease. Playing high-res 3D games on the Moto Z² Force is quite the satisfying experience. That Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processor,  4+ gigs of RAM, and integrated Adreno 540 graphics card handled even the most intensive of mobile games with ease while the larger screen of the Moto Z² Force allows for easy handling of touchscreen controls.  That 2730 mAh battery appeared surprising low at first, considering the display size and specs of the Moto Z² Force. Yet, somehow the Moto Z² Force efficiently managed a good general life span, lasting a day, sometimes two days, on basic everything usage.

Moto Mods are practically the bread and butter of the Moto Z family of devices. Having finagled with several, I have to say that we are impressed with how Moto Mods were implemented with Motorola’s latest devices as well as the Moto Z² Force. They add to the overall value of the Moto Z² Force as Moto Mods not only add functionality to the device, but they do so directly, without having to use Bluetooth. Without having to install additional apps or what-not, you simply snap on a Moto Mod, possibly deal with a prompt telling you that the Moto Mod needs a quick firmware update, and you’re off to the races in no time at all. When you’re done with the Moto Mod, just snap it off.

The Motorola Moto Z² Force doesn’t play around in the performance department as general device browsing felt smooth and snappy. Even the twist gesture, where you give the Motorola Moto Z² Force a sort of flick with the wrist, was very responsive and pulls up the camera from any screen. Handling the device for texting or long-winded typing gave no trouble at all, whether I used the device in portrait or landscape mode. That additional screen real state allowed me to write up two full reviews on the go with no fatigue or trouble at all.

The Moto Z² Force is an impressive and complete device. The Moto Z² Force is rugged yet sleek, ready to protect its beauty with an aluminum unibody and a shatter-proof screen. Despite its screen size, it’s shockingly light and easy to handle in both portrait and landscape modes. It also has a respectable main camera, complete with depth perception, to give you more creative options with how you want to share or save the moments you’ve captured.

Its current generation specs are ready to handle any task you throw it at. Having a dedicated GPU only bolsters its ability to handle graphic-intensive tasks, as seen in plenty of today’s 3D mobile games. You’ll be plenty immersed in those tasks thanks to the beautiful AMOLED display of the Moto Z² Force. Let’s not forget, you can further expand on those tasks thanks to Motorola’s generous assortment of available Moto Mods.

While I’ve played with my fair share of “larger” phones that dance around in the “phablet” territory, I’m able to fully appreciate thief pluses and minuses, despite the fact that I personally lean away from purchasing the “large” phones for myself. This is one of the few devices in that size category that I’d actually consider, mainly due to its processing ability and expandability. If you’re in the market for a new phone in the larger variety, then you need to put the Moto Z² Force on your list of devices to check out.

Check out the Motorola Moto Z² Force for yourself here

Moto Z² Force review unit provided by Motorola / Lenovo PR.


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