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In terms of video capture, the Samsung Galaxy S9 continued to excel, capturing clear and crisp imagery, still full of color, and with surprisingly good sound. Again contrasting day and night capturing, take note on how well the S9 captured the audio from both the crowd performing the wave and the fireworks show, each taken at Citifield.

Admittedly, I challenged the Optical Image Stabilization with this one as it was not only cold, which led to some shivering, but I also was a bit violent with my panning to the left to follow the wave. Otherwise, the Samsung Galaxy S9 captured a solid and clear video.

Not to be outdone at night, these videos of the Fireworks Night at Citifield further showcased the camera’s abilities at capturing in the dark or at night. Not only did Auto-Mode video capture the distinct colors of the fireworks in the air, but it also did a very good job capturing the accompanying audio.

One of the Samsung bullet points for the S9’s camera, other than great low-light captures, was its Super Slow-Mo function. There are two ways to use this mode. You can use the Auto Super Slow-Mo where you define an area on the screen and the camera will record in Super Slow-Mo when and while motion is detected on that part of the screen. The second way is manually, where you simply start recording and you manually trigger Super Slow-Mo capture during the recording.

This mode was a little touch and go as the recording thrived in brighter settings than it did in darker ones. First off, once you switch to Super-Slow Mo mode, the S9 immediately zooms in, giving you no option to alter this now-deeper zoom. It also seems to stifle the S9’s otherwise excellent low light capabilities, as you are also unable to fiddle with brightness settings. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you are both at a suitable distance from what you are capturing as well as in a well-lit scenario. If you are, zoom and all, the feature works just fine.

Here’s a pretty good Super Slow-Mo capture of that same seemingly endless wave at Citifield.

Here’s a much better capture of cars driving by.

Otherwise, you’ll get something like this below, which is a sort of a let-down considering how well this camera handled the fireworks recording outside of the Super Slow-Mo mode.

On top of that, the Super Slow-Mo recordings at times either didn’t detect motion where there was already motion occurring or it preemptively stopped recording in Super Slow-Mo even though motion was still occurring.

Snowflakes didn’t seem to register as motion…

However, I did not let this more or less “extra” mode dissuade me from concluding that the Samsung Galaxy S9 has the best mobile camera I have used to date. The camera excels in practically all lighting scenarios and captures images and videos with rich color to boot. Other than for the purpose of hitting one of the camera’s bullet points, I could and would do without the Super Slow-Mo feature. It did not add value to a camera that was already steeped in value.


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