Norman Reedus Salutes the Fleets in NYC

Even the “Walking Dead” came out for Fleet Week 2016. Well, Daryl Dixon did. Norman Reedus arrived on Pier 84 atop a pimped out motorcycle to give the fleets a proper salute in New York City on May 29. The “Walking Dead” star was joined at Hudson River Park by Playboy playmates, on-site tattoos and […]

Mark Your Calendars: BBC AMERICA’s Orphan Black Returns Thursday, April 14th 2016 At 10/9c

During an Orphan Black panel at Wondercon 2016 it was revealed that the show will get a post-show treatment similar to The Walking Dead‘s Talking Dead called After the Black. After the Black, a 30-minute follow-up talk show, will air weekly with new episodes of Orphan Black’s fourth season. Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman and Teddy Wilson […]

Time Warner Bringing Change To Boomerang, But Is It For The Better?

Time Warner has announced that newer is better, but I’m not so sure that is true.  As we all know Boomerang is a household staple on the television if you were a child born anytime between 1940 and 1990.  The biggest stars on this channel are some of our favorite cartoon characters of all time […]

CES 2015: Panasonic Press Conference Highlights

International CES® is about one day away at this point. This morning we got a chance to sit in and view the Panasonic press conference which highlighted some of the latest innovations that will be showcased at their booth. The press conference was just a mere glimpse at the vast products Panasonic as to offer. Glossing over the latest innovations in automotive, audio, home entertainment and beauty. Let’s take a quick look at the highlights.

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Rewind: Constantine Interviews

During San Diego Comic Con we got the chance to sit and chat with the cast from NBC’s Constantine. DC Comics began airing Constantine on NBC this past Fall. We sat with actors Matt Ryan, Angélica Celaya, Charles Halford as well as executive producers David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone and learned a little bit more about the series. Remember, these videos were taken during San Diego Comic Con, months before the series began to air. We didn’t know much about the series aside from the comics as well as the pilot.

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 Rewind: Mike Tyson Mysteries

During San Diego Comic Con we got the opportunity to sit and chat with Hugh Davidson, the Producer and Writer, as well as with the voices of Mike Tyson Mysteries: Rachel Ramras (Yung Hee Tyson), Jim Rash (Marquess of Queensbury) and Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson Mysteries features Mike Tyson, his adopted daughter, a friendly ghost, and an alcoholic pigeon who solve mysteries. If you’re curious to see what the cast had to say during San Diego Comic Con, then please read on…

Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson’s Final Guest; Metallica Booked for One-Week Residency

On December 19, Craig Ferguson, along with his gay robot skeleton Geoff Peterson and man-made horse Secretariat, will bid CBS and the Late Late Show adieu after nearly 10 years with a very special guest, former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno. The former late night host, and future CNBC host (“Jay Leno’s Garage”), will help […]

[Opinion Piece] A New Generation of Devotion

Adult humor in children’s cartoons is not anything new. For decades, sexual innuendos have existed in the confines of animated shorts and films. Typically it is believe that hidden sexual content is meant to appeal and keep the interest of older audiences to help drive the studio’s revenue by appearing to have a sense of […]

SDCC 2013 – USA Network Psych Roundtable Interviews

  USA Network’s Psych returned to San Diego Comic Con with tons of treats for die-hard fans. This year, fans were able to attend a sneak peek showing of their upcoming musical episode with a special meet and greet with the show’s cast and creators as well as attend a Psych panel. Since I wasn’t […]

SDCC 2013 – The Legend of Korra: ‘Book Two: Spirits’ Airing This September

The Legend of Korra – the successor of the renowned Avatar: The Last Airbender series – aired last spring. Its unique Asian inspired steampunk universe quickly set the series’ apart of anything else that has aired; and its element bending martial arts have memorized fans from the beginning. Unfortunately, we have been left in the […]

‘Sherlock’ Delayed to 2014

Rumors have begun spreading that the 90-minute modernization of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, may potentially be delayed until 2014. Steven Moffat originally hinted that the series would return early in 2013 after the second series came to its dramatic cliff-hanging (see what I did there?) conclusion in the UK back in January. Sadly, little information has […]