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TYLT Smart Charger 7X

TYLT Smart Charger 7X Review

The weather is getting warmer. Days are getting longer. We’re all looking forward to spending more time outdoors. However, the one thing we fear whenever we spend a prolonged length of time away from home is having our electronics powerless. With heavy reliance on our electronics, we often recommend solutions like the TYLT ENERGI PRO bag that can keep you organized and powered while on-the-go. But if you’re not in the market for a new backpack, we have found another alternative: the...

TYLT ENGERGI PRO Power BackBack Review

TYLT has a wide range of powering solutions for all kinds of tech users, whether you’re mainly stationed in an office or you’re a heavy mobile device user on the go. Where TYLT thrives is in the portability of their products as well as the functionality of their products. We’ve covered our fair share of TYLT products, so it’s exciting to take a look at an upgraded model of a product we covered in the...

Valentine's Day 2015: PJ McQuade

Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. It feels like January just blew by! We’re here to hopefully ease the pain of trying to figure out what to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day by highlighting a few deals that might not be on your radar from Samsung, TYLT, Misfit and Royal Flush Alum: PJ McQuade.

CES 2015 - TYLT

CES 2015: TYLT Highlights

International CES® 2015 was brimming with innovation. What we saw was that TYLT will continue to expand upon their sleek ENERGI line with a new sliding power case for iPhone 6. This sliding case comes with portable battery pack that you only slide on when needed. There’s no need to always have your battery pack connected to your phone anymore. Additionally, we even got a glimpse at the VÜ Wireless chargers in addition to the new BAND silicone watch band for the Moto 360.

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Royal Flush Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide is finally live! We have a few hidden gems here and there but there’s definitely something for everyone here! We’re continuing our Secret Santa tradition, and encourage everyone to check it out right here!

TYLT Expands Wireless Charging Lineup With Two New Accessories

Let’s file this under things we have been looking forward to hearing about. Today TYLT unveiled two new Wireless Charging options for Qi compatible phones. What this means is that your phone will be able to wirelessly charge by simply placing them on top of either charging mounts. In case you’re curious to see if your phone will be compatible with these new wireless charging devices, you can check out the list on TYLT’s website....


CES 2014 – TYLT TUNZ Review

Working from home is sometimes a blessing and a curse. You get to save yourself from the hassle of getting dressed and battling your way through public transportation. However, since you’re not physically in the office, you are bombarded with tons of conference call meeting invites and that often meant placing your phone on speaker and attempting to hear everyone on the conference call. Every since I  was introduced to TYLT’s TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker,...


CES 2014 – TYLT ENERGI 5K Battery Pack

Every time I see someone with a clunky phone cover that is actually an expanded battery pack, I cringe. I can never understand why people choose to ruin the aesthetic of their phones for the sake of prolonging their device’s battery life. If either you’re using an external battery park cover or know someone who is, it might be time to learn about a better option. A more convenient option that allows you the ability...

Full of Energi – TYLT Energi Charging Backpack Review

On our trip to Pax Prime, we had the chance to take this urban warrior’s utility pack through its paces. The TYLT Energi backpack is not just a bag that has specific compartments for any device or accessory you could imagine. It gets it’s name of Energi for its ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously and neatly through a well-planned cable management system. And just in case you need your NFC-capable phone to do perform...

[Review] Tylt Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone Cases

When you think about it, your Samsung Galaxy 3 is a rather expensive investment. Couple that money you spent on the S3 with a quick search on YouTube and you can get extremely afraid of what a single drop could do to your phone. At this year’s CES, we saw a ton of cell phone cases. Some were worried about making your phone looking shiny. Others were about protecting your cell phone but were extremely...