5 Great Reasons to stay at home and play Video Games this Halloween

So yeah, how many people plan on going to some kinda of Halloween type festivity this weekend?  Not me, that requires too much of the “doing things,” something I’m generally opposed too.  If you are like me and too lazy to actually do something outside, here is some great games you can be playing while passing out candy to kids dressed as Edward of Twilight, Justin Bieber, and various other throw away pop culture icons I won’t claim to understand.

RED DEAD REDEMPTION UNDEAD NIGHTMARE: Ever feel like the only thing the wild west was missing was a completely crazy undead outbreak?  Me neither, but now you got it anyway for the low price of 800 ms points/10.00 USD. This expansion for the GOTY contender features a new single player campaign, Undead Overrun (RDR’s Coop Zombie Survival Mode), the king of the hill style “Land Grab,” new  weapons like the insane Blunderbuss, and unlockable outfits both campaign and multiplayer, this pack is a huge value for 10 dollars. Red Dead fans should jump on board the zombie killing if you haven’t already.

COSTUME QUEST: From the mind of Tim Schafer and the folks at Double Fine comes Costume Quest, an old school RPG about candy, fighting ghost and ghouls, and turning into giant robots.  If you are scratching your head in confusion, you obviously have never a Tim Schafer game and should also be ashamed of yourself. This game is a true classic RPG ,basically think Earthbound: Halloween edition, complete with super cute big headed kids, great humor and lots of over the top cartoon violence.  If you love old school RPG’s you should really kick Double Fine the 1600ms points/15.00 USD for  PSN and XBLA .

SECOND ANNU-HELL TEAM FORTRESS 2 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Halloween action is back in Team Fortress 2 on PC with some new maps and stuff. Halloween Harvest is back with all the exploding pumpkins and ghost, but we also get Mann-Manor. This new map will reward it’s players sometimes with a surprise Halloween gift and scare them with the first ever, NPC monster “The Horseless Headless Horse-Mann” who will charge and decapitate all the players regardless of team.  The update also includes the new Art Pass contest winners’ map and new items in Mann Co. Store, all for the low price of FREE.

LEFT 4 DEAD: THE SACRIFICE: Need more zombies and Valve love in your Halloween, then its time for some Left 4 Dead lovin.  The old campaigns are always worth a play and the new Sacrifice campaign is here to deliver something fresh.  Left 4 Dead 2 owners can also play through No Mercy with all the Left 4 Dead 2 features and trimmings, all for the super low 540 ms point and the even lower FREE on PC.

SAM & MAX: NIGHT OF THE RAVING DEAD: It’s no secret that that I’m a Sam & Max fan, and until Nov 1 you can download episode 203 completely FREE. In this spooky adventure, follow Sam and Max as they stop the a Zombie outbreak that has taken hold of New York. Face the zombie horde’s Eurotrash leader, Jurgen and build a monster in an exciting point and click adventure. Like I said, its FREE, so give it a try.