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Royal Flush Magazine is the crown jewel in the #Number Foundation publishing empire . Now in its sixth year, Royal Flush is read by more than 50,000 of the most serious fans of music, art,comics, rock and roll culture, street culture, skateboarding, graphitti, sneaker culture, pro wrestling, political satire and so much more. Royal Flush has generated quite a buzz with it’s provocative humor, stylish design and innovative art which seems to be always ahead of the curve.

The magazine is distributed NATIONALLY at hundreds of strategic locations, including Barnes & Noble’s, Border’s Books, Virgin Megastores, FYE, Hastings, Chapters, newsstands, galleries, comic shops, coffee shops, in such places as New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New Jersey, Conneticut, More importantly, Royal Flush can be found at many of this country’s great independent book and music stores such as Newbury Comics in New England, Planet K Records in Texas, Manifest Disc in South Carolina, Zia Records in Arizona, Quimby’s in Chicago, and the Kim’s Underground Video chain in New York City.

Our readers range in age from 16-34. They are the originals and the originators. They’re college grads, working professionals, art students and the underground scene that dictate trends years ahead of the rest of the world.

Royal Flush has two factors that money can’t buy and that is our pipeline to the underground art and music scenes emerging out of NYC and our unbridled passion and dedication to our company and the products we produce. Because we have been publishing since 1995, we also have something else very important: credibility. Our readers know what we stand for and where we’re coming from. Consequently, they cultivate an intense relationship with the magazine and in turn make Royal Flush the unique publication that it is today.

Royal Flush have a devoted reader base and mail complimentary issues to select influential people in the industry throughout the U.S and Canada.