Agnostic Front

Nuclear Blast

You know what you’re in for so prepare for battle when putting the latest 14-track disc from NYHC stalwarts Agnostic Front in the player, as just as you’d expect, WARRIORS is jam packed with the trademark tough guy bravado that reigned over the CBGB matinee set this band was such a huge part of. Only this time, the band finds itself returning to the crossover-thrash sound of its heyday, thanks in part to the capable new blood Roger and Stigma have recruited this time around.

And no worries folks, they’re pulling no punches lyrically either, as Agnostic Front restocks the moshpit once again with enough power-chorded and choral firepower to explode many times over as cuts like “Black and Blue” and “Dead to Me” lead the brutal brigade. Agnostic Front have at times experimented with their sound but overall have kept their sights focused for a raging 25 years plus, and this disc shows no sign of the band slowing down.

Staying genuine by proudly brandishing their brand of hardcore while creating a template by which legions of bands have followed in the process, the latest disc keeps Agnostic Front at the forefront of the hardcore set thanks to the intense yet fresh batch of impassioned gang vocals and burly beatdown riffs displayed on WARRIORS.

-Mike SOS