Another Television Sensation Dead At 15

Reported by our good friends at Fox News:

Gidget, the 15-year-old Chihuaha, suffered a fatal stroke Tuesday night, according to a report from People magazine. The “mostly-retired” canine also appeared in the film “Legally Blonde 2,” starring as Bruiser’s mom. In addition, she appeared in a commercial for the ‘90s edition of Trivial Pursuit.

When she wasn’t starring in films and commercials, Gidget enjoyed taking hikes, sunning her fur and sleeping for 23 hours, her trainer Sue Chipperton told People. “She made so many people happy,” Chipperton said. “Gidget always knew where the camera was.”

Now, I’m no dog expert but I really don’t think a dog should sleep for 23 hours a day.  Are we sure Gidget didn’t die months ago and the owner just thought she was just sleeping?

On another note, I’m not even sure this is the same dog as the Taco Bell dog.  Gidget is a girl while the dog on the commercial clearly spoke with a man’s voice.  I highly doubt once Gidget entered retirement she had a sex change so something isn’t right here and I am not one to be lied too.  There is some TomFoolery going on here and I’m not a fan.

Now we should all take the time our of our evenings and pick up a Nacho Bell Grande and remember the good times.