My CES 2022 Companion – Timbuk2 X Astro BP35 Backpack Review

Now that my self-prescribed post-CES 2022 break is over, I wanted to go over the helpful travel companion that powered me through the convention. The Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack was the backpack I used throughout the show, starting from my flight to Vegas and throughout the days that followed. The product of a collaboration between Timbuk2 and Astro Gaming, this is one of two bag products designed for the travel-centric gamer. Since I fit that profile, I thought it would be best to review the BP35 mainly on how it handled my travel and convention needs.

So, lets dive into the Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack to see what it brings to the table.

BP35 Material Specs
Poly 600 Denier + water resistant coating
4MM ripstop nylon 210 Denier + water resistant coating
Mesh + EVA
Utility sateen webbing
Weather resistant zippers
Specs taken from product page.
BP35 Dimensions
Total Volume:35 liters
Width top:28cm
Width bottom:29cm
Weight kg/lbs:1.4kg/3.08lbs
Dimensions taken from product page.

The BP35 is a 35L capacity backpack with dust and water-resistant outer coatings. It features large expandable side pockets and two 16” laptop sleeves, one internal and one near the rear. On the front, you have two flat zipper pockets near the Astro logo on top, and a magnetically sealed pocket on the bottom.

Along the back you have breathable mesh padding along the back and the shoulder straps. The BP35 also features a sternum strap to allow some added stability throughout wear. Along the rear top of the bag, you have your run-of-the-mill carrying handle.

Going into the main compartments, the front-most compartment is a slim one, featuring the majority of the BP35’s pockets. Varying in size, you have eight pockets in this compartment, allowing for a multitude of sorting options. Being an Astro Gaming bag, this compartment also features a snap-able strap for hanging your headset. With Astro Gaming being so deeply rooted in audio products, this strap is a welcomed addition, adding a neat and protective way of storing the headset of your choice.

The middle compartment is the largest in the bag, featuring two mesh sleeves on one side and two considerably larger sleeves near the rear. The largest sleeve in this compartment is one of the bag’s two laptop sleeves that can house laptops up to 16” in size.

Lastly, the third compartment closest to the rear is the second of the two 16” laptop sleeves.

Starting off with aesthetics, the Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack is easy on the eyes with its simple and sleek appearance. It is a straightforward and clean-looking backpack that is not riddled with busy gamer-centric or colorful designs. Yet, at a glance, you can still easily identify the Astro logo on the top as well as the more understated Timbuk2 X Astro logo on the magnetic pouch. The BP35 identifies itself as a gaming backpack while maintaining a quiet style that makes it appropriate for any venue. It is safe to say that I really like this bag’s look.

Diving into storage, the Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack gives you plenty of options while being able to hold a considerable amount of mass. During the bulk of my evaluation period with the BP35, I would carry my Razer Blade 15 laptop with me wherever I went. Being as protective as I am of my portable work and play investment, I would always house my Razer Blade 15 in a protective shell, adding to its overall size and girth. Despite that, the laptop and its shell would fit neatly and securely in the BP35’s laptop sleeves.

What would then make the BP35’s storage even more impressive is the fact that it would easily house my laptop as well as an assortment of items of considerable size. In this example, I was able to store an Astro A20 headset, a full size Roccat gaming keyboard, my laptop, a gaming mouse (not shown) and my laptop’s awkwardly large power adapter (not shown). All of the compartments closed effortlessly, making the bundle easy to haul to my next destination.

The BP35’s storage shined especially well during CES 2022. Being in Las Vegas during the winter, you can experience temperatures of 59 degrees during the day followed by 30 degrees during the night. Once I left my hotel to hit the show floors, the last thing I wanted to do was revisit my room before my day outside was truly done. Fortunately, the BP35 was ready for the task, being able to fit my winter puffer jacket, my Razer Blade 15, a portable battery, and a water bottle. Whenever it was time to hit the outdoors, my puffer jacket was right there waiting for me.

Out of the two expandable side pockets, the pocket of the left is noticeably larger than the one on the right. I was able to fit as much as a 36-ounce bottle in this pocket with no effort at all.

Thanks to this, I was able to remain both comfortable and prepared for anything the day would throw at me.

This then leads me to comfort, where the BP35 continued to excel. Regardless of the amount of weight I carried on any given day, the BP35 remained cool and comfortable on my back, even after hours of aggressive walking throughout the various halls at CES 2022. The city boy in me makes me a bit of a fast walker, so I expected to generate some heat while wearing the BP35 for as long as I did. Despite the amount items I would tote around with me, the BP35 was still a delight to wear, even late into the night.

At $199, the Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack is solid buy for any gamer or techie that finds themselves on the go often. The BP35 is a comfortable backpack with plenty of storage options and plenty of space. Adding to the peace of mind, the bag is surrounded by dust and water-resistant coatings and materials to protect your most treasured items. Finally, it is an attractive yet discreet accessory that does not assault the eye with the kind of bright colors that companies assume all gamers appeal to. I really enjoyed the Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack and all it had to offer.

If you are interested in checking out the Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack for yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a Timbuk2 X Astro Gaming BP35 Backpack for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.