Author: Stephanie K

SDCC 2013 – Up Nintendo’s Sleeves

According to video game hardware sales research, Nintendo has seen a steady increase in hardware sales over the past few weeks – including a 137% sales global sales increase with the Wii U. Certainly games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Shin Megami Tensei IV, the digital release of New Super Luigi U, and the impending launch of […]

SDCC 2013 – The Legend of Korra: ‘Book Two: Spirits’ Airing This September

The Legend of Korra – the successor of the renowned Avatar: The Last Airbender series – aired last spring. Its unique Asian inspired steampunk universe quickly set the series’ apart of anything else that has aired; and its element bending martial arts have memorized fans from the beginning. Unfortunately, we have been left in the […]

Steam Summer Sale Encore Day

It is the final day of the Steam Summer Getaway Sale. As off 10am pst time tomorrow morning, all sales will be concluded. So today is your last chance to grab some great games ranging anywhere from 25%-90% off. Keep in mind that there will still be an update for the Community’s Choice and Flash […]

Socialize with New 3DS StreetPass Games

StreetPasses have been a fun feature to the 3DS that encourages players to carry their systems with them in order to interact with neighboring 3DS owners. Today 3Ds owners received a nice little surprise. Nintendo has released an official update that improves and expands the functions included in the StreetPass Plaza, in addition to four […]

Fus Roh…BUY!

Diehard fans of the Elder Scroll series knew it would come out but it was only a matter of time. Today on their official blog, Bethesda announced the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition which includes the three DLC packs they have released not to mention an updated version of the game. […]