Bandai America’s Tamagotchi Return Nationwide with Brand New Colors

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h boy, does this really take me back! The highly popular digital pets known as Tamagotchi from the ’90s and early 2000s are making a comeback. As part of the 20th Anniversary last year, Bandai America decided to re-release the trendy toys in limited edition mini variations.  The miniature Tamagotchi versions feature their familiar egg-shape as well as the pixelated LCD screen where the pet does a majority of it’s roaming. At its core, a Tamagotchi is all about nurturing. The digital pet relies on you to feed, clean and play with them. They were portable and highly addictive to play with. So, naturally during their initial re-release Tamagotchis just flew off the shelves!

Since the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi, we received an overwhelming demand from fans to bring the devices back…By releasing the mini Tamagotchi in these cool colors and new textures, we’re able to reach new fans that come to love nurturing play of Tamagotchi, while also giving existing fans what they’ve been clamoring for – more to add to their collection.
– Tara Badie, Bandai America Marketing Director†

The limited edition mini Tamagotchi collectibles are available now for pre-order in the six exclusive colors from the ’90s U.S launch as well as two new flocked versions—baby pink and baby blue. The flocked versions have a soft velvet cover. Each version is available for only $14.99. This is a new opportunity for anyone that might have missed out on the initial release last November.

Source: Press Release

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