Black Sugar Transmission – Violent Muses


If New Wave had started in Brooklyn, New York…and 30 years later Black Sugar Transmission would be in everybody’s cassette player right now.  

Andee Blacksugar wrote, produced and recorded Violent Muses which is available right this second over here!  He isn’t afraid to make the music that he wants to make, no matter how much it isn’t like the music that’s out there right now.  Now close your eyes and imagine a world where lyrics had meanings, songs created an environment and that music actually was something you could see.  Now open them.  That is what Violent Muses is all about.  With this album you could just as easily dance the night away in your favorite spot, or just lay in bed with a glass of wine and be totally engulfed in music.

I’ve been following Mr. Blacksugar for a few years now.  I met him back in Virginia when he was playing guitar for Acey Slade’s solo project and I was immediately hooked on his professional, yet anything goes demeanor.  A crazy mix up of color and pizzazz with a hint of black and white traditionalism.  While you go from track to track, you are taken to different places, seeing different things with totally different people.  No two tracks show any similarity, yet you know that they are all Black Sugar Transmission tracks.  Your mind will be playing tricks on you, and yet you’ll find your self totally addicted to it.


Personally, I can’t pick a favorite song.  I also can’t find a single track that I’m not totally into either.  If you are tired of the manotney of the Elvis Duran Top 40 Era of Music we’re currently stuck in, refresh yourself and download this album.  I’m fairly certain you will not be disapointed and if you are…I’ll be fairly disapointed in you.

You can download the album right now by clicking here!

“New York the City that’s Falling Asleep”