Breaking News: World’s Tallest Woman Dies At 53!

Mr. Michael Phelps has won more gold medals than anybody else in history while Russia and Georgia are at war with each other, but we should all take a moment out of our oh-so-busy day to think about Mrs. Sandy Allen who died today (08/13/2008).

This Indianapolis native was the World’s tallest woman standing at a tremendous 7 feet, 7 inches tall. I did the math, that is almost 3 Verne Troyers on top of each other.

In the above picture you can clearly see that Sandy Allen was into pro wrestling, roughing up the neighborhood children with the big elbow. So relentless as you can see the fear in that kid’s eyes!

If you have a flag, now is the time to lower it to half mast. We all here at Royal Flush send all of our regards to the family of Mrs. Allen, whoever they may be…unless they’re a bunch of weirds with bad attitudes and surrounded by the stench of farts.

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RIP Sandy Allen