Catalyst Impact Protection Case – Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

The Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is a simple lightweight case that offers drop protection for the S9’s sides. The case features a transparent back and comes in the colors Blueridge Sunset, Black, and Clear. There is a groove in the lower right corner of the case for slipping in the included wrist lanyard, should you choose to use it. The Catalyst Impact Protection Case weighs in at 33g and its meat and potatoes lie in its protection against up to 9.9-foot (3-meter) drops.

The Catalyst Impact Protection Case uses an impact truss to withstand impacts on the phone’s sides and corners. On the outside of the sides, you have a rubber skin that combats device slippage. The sides of the case, along with the ridges surrounding the opening for the camera and sensors, give a little lift to the back of the case. The back of the case is not rated for the same kind of protection as the sides, but that lift helps to keep the camera from rubbing against surfaces when the S9 is laying on its back.

The Catalyst Impact Protection Case is an attractive case that keeps it simple with its design. The rubberized sides make the S9 and S9+ easy to handle and support a secure grip. The buttons are comfortable to press and easy to discern from one another. I didn’t feel like dropping my S9 from nine-plus feet to then check its pulse. Still, even if it protected from only a 6-foot drop, that is still an impressive amount protection for a case that doesn’t overwhelm you with girth. The case is still plenty compact and it slides in and out of your pocket with no resistance at all.

Unlike the rubberized sides, the transparent back is pretty slick and helps to facilitate that sliding in and out of your pocket, bag or what-have-you. I do appreciate the transparency as it lets you continue to enjoy the general beauty of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Although, it would appear that the lilac and gold colors for S9 and S9+ would probably stand out the most with this case. In my hand, it was hard for me to tell that this is a blue S9 in most lighting scenarios. Whereas the lilac and gold colors are little brighter and more pronounced. The picture below on the left highlighted a more vibrant blue than I was used to seeing when the S9 was in my hand.

At the cost of $39.99, you can give your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ some quality protection that highlights the device’s natural beauty without making your phone as thick as a pack of playing cards. I try out my fair share of cases for every device I get. I have been using the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for about 3 weeks now. Since then, I have felt right at home with the case and feel no urge to switch back out of it any time soon.

If you looking for some respectable protection for your S9 or S9+ that keeps your phone stylish and slim, then check out the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for yourself here.


† Catalyst Impact Protection Case provided by Catalyst PR for review. Non-watermarked images taken from product page.