Category: Pax East 2013

[PAX East 2013] Powerhouse Gaming Laptops by ASUS & MSI – First Impressions

In the world of PC gaming, it is commonplace for your traditional PC gamer to have a rig that they built themselves. I still have mine, although it was built during the creation of Stonehenge. But how about your closed-quarters gamer looking for a desktop replacement? Not everyone has the space for a 500 key […]

[PAX East 2013] Legend of Dungeon Interview

Approaching the Legend of Dungeon booth at PAX East this year, the atmosphere was pure gamer happiness. I looked on as two developers excitedly buzzed about the showcase; shouting helpful tips to the 4-person gathering of fans demoing the game, explaining the finer nuances of poking pixel ogres with tiny sword sprites and genuinely enjoying […]

[PAX East 2013] Delvers Drop Interview

The retro gaming revival is alive and well, bringing us a steady stream of nostalgic wonderment from our childhoods with all the unforgiving difficulty curves we know and love. One of its best representations I’ve seen is Delvers Drop. Imagine if Link was dosed with hallucinogenic mushrooms, plunged into a dark yet colorfully lit dungeon of countless levels […]

[PAX East 2013] Play with Time in Super T.I.M.E Force

Quirky. Retro. Entertaining. These three simple words describe Capybara Games’ new game Super T.I.M.E Force perfectly. This little side-scrolling shooter packs as much of a punch as it does charm. You are a member of an elite time travelers known as the Temporal Inevitability Manipulation Experts – or T.I.M.E. Your mission is to throughout history […]