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[Pax Prime 2013 Rewind] Behemoth Interview

During Pax Prime 2013, we got to sit and chat once again with Aaron Jungjohann, Lead Level Designer on BattleBlock Theater. We reminisced about Behemoth’s past. Celebrated Behemoth’s Ten Year Anniversary. And even speculated about Behemoth’s future. But we didn’t stop there, we were particularly interested in the company’s views towards the next-gen console restrictions and pending releases. Even […]

Pax Prime 2013 Rewind: Kingston HyperX Stays Primed at Pax-

Kingston continues to be a main player in the stage of PC and storage components while keeping style as an integral component with their HyperX branding. They root themselves even deeper into the gaming arena with their sponsorships of headline professional gaming teams Cloud 9 HyperX and Team Solomid. The two teams did Kingston proud […]