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Review: STM Goods Dux Backpack

Originally posted by me on… Given our fondness of techy backpacks, products by STM Goods have always been able to grab our attention with something new. At CES 2023, we could not help but notice the Dux Backpack on display at their booth. At first glance, it looks like your run-of-the-mill clamshell backpack, sporting […]

Review: Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W)

It was not too long ago when GaN chargers became the latest and greatest in device powering technology. Due to their efficiency, GaN chargers can transfer more power to your devices with less energy being lost to heat. They considerably outperform previous generation silicon charging solutions which run hotter, charge slower, and are generally larger […]

CES 2022: Meeting Rolling Square & Tau Power Bank Review

I made a couple of interesting discoveries at CES 2022, despite the in-person show being scaled back due to the pandemic. Once of those discoveries was Rolling Square, a Switzerland-based company striving to innovate for the tech minimalist. Their booth turned my head, intriguing me with their assortment of cabling options, power banks and other […]

Pax West: Fixture S1 Stand, Grip & Case Review (Nintendo Switch)

Whenever I review a controller, a game genre that I never forget to try it on is “fighting”. I love fighting games and the Nintendo Switch offers a solid means of playing fighting games on the go, given the system’s portability. Yet, playing fighting games using those Joy-Cons leaves a lot to be desired, especially […]