[CES 2013] MUNITIO NINES and SV Review

Company and product information were provided by MUNITIO’s official website, as well as images.
Products were provided by MUNITIO for review consideration.

Back in January, merely minutes before we would be ushered out of a Las Vegas venue hall I spotted the MUNITIO booth. Usually during CES, if it’s anything audio related, I’m instantly drawn to it. It might be solely because I can’t let a day go by without music. Music drives my day. It has this unique way of uplifting my spirits no matter the mood. So, when meeting with MUNITIO and quickly hearing for myself in that Las Vegas venue hall, I knew that I needed more hands-on time with both The NINES™ and the SV to see if they would live up to the clarity and richness I heard during CES.

MUNITIO Visit official website.

MUNITIO is a San Diego, California based precision sound brand specializing in lifestyle electronic accessories. We believe in the power of music to enrich and individualize our experiences while strengthening our connection to community. Latin for defense works and fortification, MUNITIO is a brand of quality, utility and performance.

The MUNITIO team is a diverse collection of music and recording industry veterans, audiophiles, visual artists with expertise in mobile technology, industrial design and specialty metals manufacturing. Their motivation? To bring true craftsmanship to portable electronic peripherals.

It began in 2010, when MUNITIO set a new standard in listener enjoyment and electronic accessory fashion with the release of the world’s first titanium-coated and 18K gold plated earphones. With each successive product, we at MUNITIO continue to stretch our collective imagination and remain a leading innovator of the mobile lifestyle movement. – MUNITIO’s About Page



Design • Ear buds come in a lot of shapes and sizes but not all of them sound the same. The NINES from MUNITIO are not only the best sounding ear buds I have tried but the f’ing coolest ear buds I have used. Available in three colors: Black, silver and gold; the NINES all feature a Kevlar® fabric cable, Silicon Hollow Points, and a 9mm driver. Additionally, there is a three button [M]ic Control for volume control that works perfectly with Apple devices. However, the single button functionality, which starts and stops music play or end phone calls, is the only button that works on Android devices. Each bud is emblazoned with an awesome Eagle emblem etched onto them and resemble bullet casings. They are also titanium and pretty hefty. Not too heavy when placed in your ears but when holding them, you feel a certain weight about them.
Sound • The thing to note here, is that these ear buds are specifically designed to enhance bass sounds. They provide really crystal clear sound that rivals most higher-end ear buds. There is a clear loudness and booming that can be heard in music that feature a lot of bass. For once I never had to raise the overall volume to the max to listen to music. In fact, I found myself listening to music at a much more reasonable volume setting since the NINES are so noticeably loud.
Since these are well into the higher-end range, price wise, it’s safe to say that they do live up to the hype and as an added bonus, the NINES are very good at isolating sound. At the louder ranges, they are able to completely engulf you in sound and keep out almost all other sounds.
Cost • The NINES are definitely on the higher end of ear buds pricing scale at $179. And are available online through the MUNITIO Store. Available in Black, Silver and Gold.
Bottom-line • If you are in the market for some higher end ear buds that provide amazing bass then the NINES might be for you. They are heftier than your average headsets but are still comfortable to wear day to day thanks in part to the Silicon Hollow Points. Not to mention the NINES are beautifully crafted. So I truly recommend them, if you’re willing to pay the high price tag.



SV: Mobile Performance Headphones
Design • Just as stylish as the NINES, the SV ear buds are designed for comfort and ease. Built from “sturdy, lightweight ABS and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum†” and featuring ribbon cables, the SV is virtually tangle free! They also have a similar three button [M]ic Control that, as mentioned with the NINES, work perfectly on all Apple devices. On Android devices, the only button functionality that is enabled is the Start / Stop.

Sound • Designed for vocal clarity, the SV ear buds cater to individuals who delight in listening to song vocals above everything else. The SV’s might appear to sound lower than the NINES but that’s intentional. Since the NINES are all about boosting the bass performance in the song, the SV’s are all about enhancing a singer’s voice and allowing you to hear the lyrics over the music.

Cost • It seems that they are currently out of stock but were available for $129.99. Once they become available again, I will update this post with the appropriate buying information.

Bottom-line • If bass performance really isn’t your thing then the SV’s might be the kind of headphones you’ve been looking for all your life. The provide crystal clear vocal clarity that I haven’t heard before. The only gripe is that they aren’t as slick as the NINES but they are hassle free and a little cheaper. With the Silicon Hollow Points, you get the same comfortable fit that is found with the NINES just not the bass boost.
† Images, company and product information were provided by MUNITIO’s official website. Products were provided for review consideration.