CES 2014 – TYLT TUNZ Review


Working from home is sometimes a blessing and a curse. You get to save yourself from the hassle of getting dressed and battling your way through public transportation. However, since you’re not physically in the office, you are bombarded with tons of conference call meeting invites and that often meant placing your phone on speaker and attempting to hear everyone on the conference call. Every since I  was introduced to TYLT’s TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker, I have vowed to never conduct a conference call without it.

As the name implies, TUNZ is a rechargeable speaker that is chock full of features. It’s a bluetooth speaker that delivers clear sound to both music and phone calls. Despite it’s compact size, it is able to play loudly without any distortion to the sound. Additionally, with typical use, the speaker was able to last uncharged for approximately 20 hours.

But the innovation does not end there. Not only can TUNZ play music and allow you to conduct conference calls but it can also charge a device through the USB port found on the back of the speaker. Couple that with the built-in NFC compatibility and you’ll begin to wonder if you’ll ever need another bluetooth enabled speaker. TUNZ is compact, lightweight and easy to pair. It is also convenient to have another device around to charge a device while on the go and not to mention being able to have crystal clear hands free phone calls.

The only issue I found was that there was no way to lower the notifications sound on the speaker. While connecting a device via bluetooth, turning TUNZ on or off and even while checking the battery status, TUNZ will always play sounds associated with those actions rather loudly. So, it is highly likely that everyone around you will know that you’re about to start using the TUNZ speaker which is something that I typically don’t want to happen. I tend to turn off all notification sounds on all my devices and if I was given the opportunity, I might turn off the TUNZ sounds since they tend to be a lot louder than whatever might be playing through the speaker.

The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is available right now for $149.99 via TYLT’s online store and includes interchangeable Vibration-Canceling Silicon Bands in three colors (Blue, Black and Red), a Micro-USB Charging Cable, a 3.5mm AUX Cable, and Carry Bag.


  • Small Speaker with tons of features (built-in mic, NFC capable, bluetooth connectivity and internal battery for charging)
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Extremely easy to set-up and use
  • Battery life is exceptional


  • There is no way to lower the connecting/disconnecting sounds
  • No visible battery indicator, have to hold the multi-function and phone button for two seconds and listen to the audio prompt with battery details