CES 2017: Razer Unveils Project Ariana & Project Valerie

Innovation in display was the name of the game at Razer’s CES 2017 booth. Razer showcased two new products in works in the form of Project Ariana and Project Valerie. Each product is designed to bring a new way to how we visually immerse in games. Also, each product received various awards coming from either CES or other outlets, with Project Ariana hauling in another “Best of CES” award for Razer for “Best Gaming”. Let’s take a look into Project Valerie and Project Ariana.

Project Ariana

Imagine playing a game on an LCD against the wall and you activate your best move where your stats are raised and you’re ready to go on a tear. Let’s say the game is capable of giving feedback through Razer Chroma, changing the color of your Razer keyboard and mouse to add that extra layer of immersion. Now, imagine that display on your monitor expanding suddenly to the size of your wall, seamlessly merging with the display on your LCD. The projection illuminates around your primary display, so you do not experience glare from the projector itself.

This is Project Ariana, a 4K video projection that integrates with games to provide a VR experience without the use of headwear or eyewear. Combine this projection with ambient lighting and THX-certified surround sound devices and you’re practically in the game without having to “wear” it. As with some of the previous Razer products, through partnerships with game publishers, the Razer Chroma Software can use game info to provide feedback through their devices. This feature helps propel the concept behind Project Ariana and its intended immersive experience.

Razer also hinted at the release of LED panels, controlled through Razer Chroma, to further enhance the immersion. Keep an eye out for the results of Project Ariana as Razer plans to have a tangible consumer ready product by the end of the year.


Project Valerie

Ever wish you can have a PC gaming setup with a three-monitor display but without the hassle of all of the cabling that is bound to come with it? Or perhaps did you want to be able to bring such a setup to LAN parties but didn’t want to have to deal with lugging all three monitors in addition to your rig, keyboard and other accessories? At CES 2017, Razer showcased the answer to these questions and more with the introduction of Project Valerie.

Project Valerie is the still-in-works system of a portable gaming laptop housing three 17.3-inch 4K IGZO display monitors. Each display utilizes NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology and can display 100% of Adobe RGB color. The two side displays extend out from the center, automatically using imbedded mechanics to slide into place on their own. So don’t worry about having to gingerly slide out monitor panels without breaking them, the laptop will handle that for you.

Project Valerie has the general silhouette and make of a 17-inch Razer Blade Pro but with the capability of 180 degree NVIDIA Surround View gaming. The system will even house a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, effectively making Project Valerie VR-Ready.

Keep an eye out for this new portable gaming powerhouse as well as Project Ariana on Razerzone.com.


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